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VDO REDI-Sensors™ are pre-programmed with multiple vehicle protocols and can be used with all major electronic TPMS scan tools. These sensors are ready to install with no programming required, but will not be available for European vehicles until 2014.
Ready to install right out of the box.
REDI-Sensor™ requires no special programming and relearns to the vehicle just like an OE sensor.
The advantage of this type of sensor is that a few part numbers can cover the complete European vehicle range, reducing the number of parts the Tyrebay needs to service vehicles.
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More About REDI TPMS Sensors

The new VDO REDI-Sensor has a decisive advantage over programmable sensor solutions: it is shipped pre-programmed with multiple protocols and requires no additional programming by garage personnel. It is simply affixed to the inner surface of the tyre and, like OE sensors, ready for the vehicle relearn.

The second big advantage is the new position of the sensor. In contrast to conventional TPMS sensors, which are attached to the valve, the VDO REDI-Sensor is glued to the inner surface of the tyre. In this position it is protected much better against mechanical damage, installation is considerably easier and the task of preparing complete wheels is simplified. What is more, thanks to this new position, the VDO REDI-Sensor can be used in combination with virtually any wheel rim. If the tyre is changed, it can simply be glued into place in the new tyre.
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