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Versace and Rosenthal :                         

Its not only the Medusa range that can be considered absolutely opulent and of first quality.  The Limited edition items deserve a mention, which goes without saying. 

There are the standard Versace Rosenthal editions.  Which by industry standards can by no means be placed  in the "Standard" bracket.  They are exquisite by all accounts, first quality, superlative pieces.  But then there are the LIMITED EDITION pieces.  If you are lucky enough to have just one piece then you are lucky indeed.

First Class :

The Rosenthal Christmas plates first came into production in 1995 with "L' ANGE GABRIEL". These plates are approximately 30 centimetres accross and should have two holes on the rear rim for attaching an wall hanging device, they come with box, velvet pouch and Certificate.

The plates were only in production for the year (or the year previous), but for one year only.   The numbers were predominantly produced as a singular batch of 15000 worldwide, per years edition.

The editions are as follows:

1995  :  Le Angel Gabriel,                                                         

1996  :  Le Roi Balthasar,

1997  :  Navite,

1998 :   Le Cortege De Noel,

1999 :  Silent Night,

2000 :  Christmastide,

2001 :  God is born,

2002 :  Let there be love,

2003 :  Christmas surprise,

2004 :  Christmas glory,

2005 :  Peace.

In addition there is a very rare plate, its called "A WORLD OF PEACE" and has doves drinking from a world shaped water bowl, only 10,000 were ever produced.

But these items are Very rare indeed, especially with certificates.


Further Pottery Items :

The FLORAL ELEGY range is certainly rarer than these plates, possibly due to the initial cost of purchase. A cup and saucer originally listed at £350, or $750.  They are lined fully inside in Gold leaf, and on the handle too.  The exterior is decorated in intricate gold leaf and flower decoration pattern.



Unlike some of the other VERSACE ROSENTHAL ranges, I really think that its unlikely a forger would attempt to copy any of these items.  Here are my reasons for thinking this :

1. The limited editions  are so expensive to produce and purchase.

2.  A forger would therefore need to purchase first grade pottery and gold leaf.

3. A skilled craftsperson would be needed to paint and assemble the item.

4. The limited edition items are only sold at VERSACE OUTLETS, or very reputable shops such as Harrods,

5. The items are bought mostly by serious collectors whom would spot a fake quickly.

6. By the time a forger has made a forgery look "passable", he/she has already spent the money and time on ingredients to be able to purchase a real one, therefore making the endeavour not worth while.


I hope these points have helped you in your search.  The legitimate items DO appear on ebay occasionally,  I would be careful about items without original boxes NOR certificates.  Although, certificates do sometimes go missing over 10 years.  I have never seen a counterfeit item of this sort.





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