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Ever feel down and depressed? Collect Vintage dolls and their outfits and shoes and how can anybody be "down" with little happy faces all around?

So much fun to change their outfits with the seasons...Winter clothes, Holiday clothes, School clothes even Go to Grammies House clothes.

I collect and sell Toni, Miss Revlon, Alexander, Delux-Reading, Baby Dolls and all their needs. Even Stockings and high heel shoes....most Vintage items from my storage as I have been buying and collecting for 30 years........

Tough Times wea re having but the Doll items are priced for any budget so if you had a memory doll buy another and become a kid again and enjoy the simple joy of Dolls..........

Frizzy hair? Use fabric softener not real hair conditioner...doll hair is a type of fabric unless your doll has real hair. Did you know alot of ink spots can be scrape off with your fingernail? And scrub those fingers and toes with a toothbrush with cleanser.

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