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I just received yet another 45rpm which was significantly less in condition than what was stated.The 45 had not even been cleaned!!.I know that for some Vinyl Sellers and Buyers they think they are correct with their grading.You don't have to be 'expert' to call what the vinyl,sleeve or inner sleeve condition is...just write the solid incontrovertible truth,how YOU see it with all and complete honestly.There's no point in calling it EXCELLENT in condition when the local skating rink have been practicing on it....

I had a BRAND NEW STILL-IN-THE-SHRINK-WRAP LP which I took the wrapping off to play it,and found it was scratchy and sticking in some places and playing it was useless.I binned I do with ALL scratched Vinyl.

That was a NEW Vinyl Item and it was GOOD condition at best....from NEW?.

Please folks,say the condition as you see it as honestly as you can,and if there are seemingly minor marks on the playing surface,play it to see how it actually plays.Good luck with your buying & selling,slainthe,good health,westhighlandscotty

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