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Vinyl Record Grading IS a minefield as it's very much in 'the eyes of the beholder' so to speak.

I have been dealing with records,and obviously that includes grading,and I find that over the last year and after that some Sellers,that is to include Business & Private Sellers,are getting worse almost by the day.

It's got to the point now that,unless I have bought Vinyl from that Seller previously and been happy with it,that is who I will now buy from....AND NO ONE ELSE.

This has the effect that NEW Seller of Vinyl are now excluded and for some of them I do feel sorry for as I have no idea,obviously what their grading is like,but I am getting sick & tired of retur5ning Items,and in some case,getting nowhere with sellers when I want a refund,then being 'the bad guy' with that seller.

NO MORE:The EP I am now returning EDDIE COCHRAN EP which has only ONE track by Eddie on it!!.The remaining three tracks are by The Cochran Brothers etc.of whom I have no inte3rest in,and when it is the sellers fault which it is in this case,having to ensure I can get a refund for my return Postage costs Via 2nd Class Recorded Mail in the UK,is payable by the seller as the fault is their doing,and IF I make a mistake,I refund the return mail cost also IF it is my fault by mis-describing an Item.

I have a NEGATIVE feedback from a guy who bough a 45 and didn't know it was an 'Instrumental?,it was by the Artists described and I have NO time to listen to all of my 45's as there are THOUSANDE of them.I refunded him,then he left negative feedback and said it was MY fault as it was not what he thought is was?.....I always give a refund if the buyer is not happy,but he also said he had to 'threaten me' with Paypal to get his refund?......what a sad life that guy has.

I look on eBAY as a 'social site' as well as a way to sell Items I do not want,and buy items I DO want,and thereby meet and 'talk' to folks WORLDWIDE.....and new buyers to eBAY are welcome on my site,and I tell them if they want help?,please just email me where I can help I will.

Rcord Grading...........there IS no way to 'guarantee' the condition but the EP I got today,23rd January,was a case in question as the sleeve isn't quite as good as described and the EP itself had the wrong content that was NOT as described.

 So,after 50+ years of Vinyl buying and selling,I think I get it right 99.9% of the timeBUT then there are 'mistooks' as I call them,and if the buyer returns the vinyl,I will refund them in full.

If you are starting selling Vinyl,or even buying Vinyl?,please just email me and I will help if I can,and good luck with buying,selling or doing anything else with your Vinyl!!,


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