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Welcome to  Voguewigs Wig Advice

This page provides answers to  most frequently asked questions and expert guidance for those that are new to wigs. There are subtle differences in wig styles, sizes and colors that can make a big difference in overall appearance. Wigs are becoming an easy-to-do and essential accessory to instantly revamp, restructure, and reinvent a new look. Even better,  we are endeavoured to make it very accessible and affordable (see my wig collction, click here at Voguewigs eBay store)


Fortunately almost 19 out of 20 women can wear average head size wigs. That means your head size when measured is between 21" and 22½ you can wear average size wigs, which is most of the market anyway. If you are not sure that you have an average size head by looking, measure your head with a tape measure going around the forehead at the hairline, under the hair, behind the ears and around the nape of the neck. If this is too difficult to do by yourself, have someone help you.


Ultra-Petite or Child's - Fits very small head sizes - 18.0" - 19.5" -
Petite Fits most petite head sizes - 20" - 21"
Average Fits Most Women - 92% off all wigs are sold as average - 21.5"- 23"
Large Fits larger head sizes - 22.5" - 24"

Our wigs have stretchable wig cap construct (a net cap structure), with two attached elastic strings and hooks to adjust wig cap size and secure the wig on head.  They can fit head size from 20.5" - 23".   95% women's head size are within this range


If you are thinking about wigs or pieces for fun fashion style changes, the sky is the limit! You can go from short to long, from straight to curly, blond to redhead, and the only real rule will be "does it look good?" For the fun fashion customer these guidelines are great tools. They cue you into some basic cosmetic knowledge that takes years of experience to become one's second nature.

For the hair replacement wig, selecting a wig close to your own natural style is usually the most comfortable decision. Still you might want to think of your style as a general guide. For example, "my hair is short and curly, but let's look at this short lifting wedge which is the same general shape as my hair outline but fuller and not curly." That's a good idea. So you might not need this guidance if you are just choosing a wig just like your own hair style.


This handy guide will help you choose wig styles like an expert! The first thing you must consider is FACE SHAPE. There are seven basic face shapes. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself which face shape is yours!

Hair style is all about drawing the eye to your good points. OVAL is deemed to be ideal. Use hair/style to work the 6 other shapes more towards an oval, and you've got the big picture. Keep that in mind as you read through the face shapes. Soon, you will get the knack of it. When you see the beautiful results, you'll like being your own personal wig expert. Read on...

The OVAL Face Shape has MANY CHOICES

As its name implies, the OVAL Shaped Face is longer than wide, with a jaw that's narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face has no dominant areas and is so proportional, the oval shaped face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture.

AVOID WIDTH with the ROUND Shaped Face

The ROUND Shape Face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. The client may be overweight and the neck may appear short. These faces look very good with a geometric or linear style, which breaks up the "round" appearance. ADD HEIGHT, when possible, and long, wispy side areas to make the cheeks look narrow. Comb hair close to the head on the side and at the neck.


The SQUARE Shape Face is characterized by a wide hairline and jaw. Square shaped faces need height or waves on top and narrowness at the sides, to break up the "squareness". Comb the hair off the forehead to add height to the face. CURLY or WAVY texture and wisps of hair around the face break the wide, straight lines common to the square face.


The DIAMOND Shape Face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Diamond shaped faces need narrow sides and fullness at the chin. Bobs work very well for this shape. Avoid wearing height on top or volume on the sides. Use some fringe or bang to cover narrow forehead.

ADD VOLUME at THE CHIN with the HEART Shaped Face

The HEART Shape Face is characterized by a wide forehead and a narrower chin. Bring some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. Keep hair close to the head at the eyes but make it slightly full around the jaw, and below and in front of the earlobes.

ADD VOLUME ABOVE the JAW LINE with the PEAR Shaped Face

This shape is characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large pouchy-appearing jawline. Comb hair to add width from the eye level through the crown of the head. Set and comb hair close to the head on the sides and at the nape.

ADD SOFTNESS to the OBLONG Shaped Face

The OBLONG Shape Face is characterized by a very long and narrow bone structure. The client who has an oblong facial shape often has a long, thin neck. Use a fringe or half-bang across the forehead by creating soft waves or curls in the crown and nape areas.


Again we differentiate between the fashion buyer and the hair replacement wig. Fashion buyers are usually open to hair color changes in wigs. And then sometimes God just gives you your best color to begin with. It's a very personal decision to change color, and if you are thinking of dyeing your hair, a wig is a great way to find out what the other color will bring you, without damaging your own natural hair.

Often eye color helps our wig experts select a great color for our clients. They know that red is opposite to green and blue and as such, sets up a beautiful contrast. Blue eyes are a standout when framed with a red wig. Once we decide to go to red, we look at complexion to select the proper red, with fair complexions favoring the light reds, such as Irish Red, and dark complexions favoring the auburns.

Complexion is also a very important guide in selecting hair color. A strong contrast such as a pale complexion with jet black hair, is great for making people notice your face, but you'd better have a Snow White clear complexion as well. Strong contrast causes the eye to see complexions very clearly, and if that is a good feature for you, you should consider toning down the contrast a bit. You can go too far when toning down contrast. With no contrast at all, your face gets lost completely, like a painting without a frame. We often see this at our salon very often. It can be an interesting effect, but it's not one you normally would want to live with day in and day out.

Dark Complexions and eye colors can still benefit from some contrast with hair color. Often a dark brown complexion will be set of with light chocolate hair, or #1 jet black. Then light brown complexions get contrast with dark brown hair. It's a vice-versa sort of thing, with the big idea being to get some contrast. The amount of contrast is up to you, remembering that strong contrast causes the eye to focus and pay attention. After the eye is done paying attention, the brain makes decision as to whether or not it likes what it has seen, based on myriads of reasons which include believability. But even the unbelievable can be beautiful. Some girls can pull off pink hair. It's not believable. It looks cartoonish, but that may be exactly the kind of attention you want to get. That's one of the great things about wigs. They allow you to change, without really changing.

So as a general guide:
• set up some contrast to your complexion color
• fine tune contrast according to complexion perfection


How do I wash my hairpiece or wig?
•  Synthetic
1. Fill your sink basin with cool water.
2. Add a capful of synthetic wig shampoo and blend in. Never use regular shampoo on synthetic wigs! If the wig has picked up the odor of smoke or other strong odors, you may add a teaspoon of baking soda to your basin, and blend in.
3. Gently swish the wig or piece in the water for about 30 seconds to a minute until saturated. Gently scrub the front of the wig cap, where it meets the forehead until clean.
4. Leave the wig soak in the basin for about 15 minutes
5. Empty the basin of water and rinse the wig or piece in cool water. It is very important to use cool water on curly wigs, as warm water will over-relax the curls.
6. Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not rub or twist.
7. Spread the wig out on a thirsty towel and leave in a ventilated area to dry overnight. You should spray on a little leave-on wig conditioner, when you start the drying process.
8. When the wig is entirely dry, and not before, re-style the wig gently. We recommend a pick and not a brush. Shaking and fluffing by hand is your best starting point for styling. We offer good quality wig shampoo and conditioner for our customers. Do not use regular shampoo. It is too strong even for human hair wigs.

•  Human Hair
1. Follow the same first seven steps as above using lukewarm water instead of cool, and the manufacturer's prescribed shampoo and conditioner for your human hair wig.
2. Wigs may be set in rollers if desired and placed under a dryer or left overnight to dry at your disgresssion. A hot curling iron may be used on human hair wigs. We offer human hair wig conditioner and shampoo for our customers.

How often should my piece be washed and styled?
Wash your piece as little as possible. Think of it like a fine cashmere sweater. Picking up odors and "hat" stains on the cap at the forehead, are reasons to consider giving it a bath. Depending on the piece's environment, this will vary from every 12 wearings to every 25. Use your eyes and nose to determine this. But as you can see, you wash your piece very rarely. If you wear a wig every day, it's a good idea to have a back-up piece, so you won't be "down" for washings.
You mini-style your piece every time you wear it, but with your fingers and a pick and very gently, If knots have accumulated at the ends a straight or slightly wavy wig, pick apart the knots by starting near the end of the hair and working your way back to the top, using a little spray-on leave-on wig conditioner/de-tangler as you do.(We offer this product.)

Can I use a blow drier or curling iron on my piece?
No blow drier!! Excessive heat will melt or frizz the plastic in your Kanekalon fibers. Don't even think about it.
Some recommend a lukewarm curling iron for re-setting the curls in a curly piece. Here is a better method.
1. Pin the wig or piece to a styrofoam head or "block" so you can work on it.
2. Select rollers of the proper size to re-set your curls. Wire mesh rollers are best.
3. Wet the entire hairpiece with lukewarm water and set the curls. Use perm papers, which you can get at a beauty supply house to protect the ends of the hair. Use plenty of rollers with a little hair in each for best curly results.
4. Take the pinned up piece to the sink basin. If you have a spray nozzle at your basin it is best to "spray" the hottest tap water on each set curl for about 3-4 seconds. This process, relaxes the hair without damaging it like a curling iron.
5. When you are done relaxing all the curls, immediately spray each curl, in approximately the same order as you "relaxed" them with icy cold tap water. You can also use a mist bottle, filled with some ice and water. This "freezes" the curl into a new semi-permanent curl pattern.
6. Allow your hair to air dry overnight, and when dry, take down the rollers. Now you've re-set your curls the most professional way possible. In the "old days" we used to do these services for our customers, for a charge. Today's wigs are so easy to care for that we recommend the above these procedures for home care. It saves money, mailing charges, and this is what we would do anyway.

Human Hair
Yes a hot curling iron may be used on any human hair wig. The better method is to set them on rollers and use a hairdryer to set the curls.


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