VOSA's guide to recovery.

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I run 28tons under O licence,Vosa is very strong on annual MOT which is how it should be..I wanted to run a recovery truck,asked VOSA and they imformed me that the only vehicle that is exempt MOT is a SPEC LIFT.........From vehicles I have seen that the owners boast... it is MOT exempt... are normally death traps,it is human nature not to do any safety work on a vehicle and pay out money  until you are forced to, thats why MOT's are a godsend.I wonder how many lives have been saved by our MOT system.I wonder what your view would be if a recovery vehicle that was not MOT,ed ,badly serviced ,was to plough into your family and wipe them out.What would you be shouting if the vehicle was MOT exempt and proved to be a death trap.None of us like being pulled over and checked by vosa,but if you hear about some of the conditions they find vehicles in that are running on the road and I mean heavy HGV vehicles,lots they have to have taken of the road until repaired and tested..Viva VOSA        Down with (polite)  TRANSPORT FOR LONDON for making life hell in the LEZ zone. For older 7.5 tonners before euro III it has virtually wiped them out at a stroke,it costs £4000 to fit a LEZ compliant exhaust system,whick makes most 7.5 tonners uneconomical, if your works is within the M25.As the average price of a recovery is say £3500-£5000 for a 91-99 truck now put £4000 on top,makes it too much.Stopped me buying one,I have three 7.5 tonners I was going to convert to recovery now waiste of time,too expensive.It costs £6000 to make my 28ton hgv compliant.to euroIII and in 2010 its then got be Euro 4 another effing £6000.no wonder were beginning to hate our own country.Check out how to run a car and other vewhicles on water.On any search engine put in HHO or ...you tube....All will be revealed and how oil companies are trying to suppress the technology.Good Luck with it 
UPDATE oil companies are trying to eliminate free energy machines,and some inventers have been killed or their equipment smashed see youtube.



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