Vajra Varhi

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Dorje Phagmo[pron: Phamo]
Vajra Varahi is associated with Heruka Chakrasamvara. She is the consort or prajana of Heruka Chakrasamvara. She is the fierce aspect of Vajra Yogini. She represents passion, compassion and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from where all phenomena unfold. Ahe is always depicted nude. She has one face, three eyes, red in color and stands on the reclining body of Bhairaba in dancing posture. She holds kartika in her right hand, kapala filled with blood in her left hand and carries khatvanga surmounted by three skulls. She wears garland of fifty freshly severed heads and various gold ornaments. Vajra Varahi , whose name means Admantine/Daimond Sow is usually shown with a small sow’s head, representing triumph over ignorance, emerging over her right ear. The shrieking squeal of the sow reminds us that Dorje Phagmo is a presence that shatters illusions obliterating all concepts and enabling us to realize the ro-chig or One Taste Of Emptiness-As Forn-As-Emptiness.

+ The Enlightened Consorts of Guru Padmasambhava +
1. Mandarava - Zahor - Body Incarnation of Vajravarahi
2. Yeshe Tsogyal - Tibet - Speech Incarnation of Vajravarahi
3. Sakya Dema - Nepal - Mind Incarnation of Vajravarahi
4. Kalasiddhi - Nepal - Quality Incarnation of Vajravarahi
5. Tashi Khyedren / Mangala - Himalaya - Activity Incarnation of Vajravarahi
(6.) + The Dakini Prabhadhara - Essence Incarnation of Vajravarahi +

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