Van seat covers- a begginers guide

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Finding seat covers on ebay for vans is like looking for a needle in a haystack- the problem being that most of them look the same in the photo and the prices vary so cheap, how can one set be only ten pounds and another 65 and is there any difference? How much should i spend?
Yes there is a difference and experience suggests that buying a cheap pair normally means for us van drivers that they will fall to bits- its better to look for some heavy duty ones and if unsure as the seller for the actual weight of the covers thats the best way to tell how 'heavy duty they are. Anything below 500 grams for a a set of single and double i would say cant be very heavy duty, anything around the 1 kilo mark would generally be good. Also make sure to see that they are elasticated and also have a seat belt cut out for the double seat.

Also remember that most waterproof are not actually machine washable which can be an issue of sorts, there are some lovely fabric seat covers which provide ample protection and are also very nice to sit on. t
As newer vans have arm rests or some do make sure you check that the covers are as many are still not-
- and remember cheap isnt always good-
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