Vapourising reserve problems, devious feedback tactics.

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Disappearing reserves

Apparently many member including myself have had many problems with this, a member in Southampton had the exact same problem aswell, though i (obviously) understood his position . He paid £350-400 some time before for a Big 42 inch T.V. and i won it at £160.00.(which seemed far too cheap to me) the item was supposed to have had a £240 reserve on it ,we agreed to post mutual feedback to cover this 'Glitch' with no bad feeling even though no money or goods ever changed hands.

A member lists an article with a fair reserve (as i did the very first time i used e bay) a turbo charger worth £150-£200  then when item is listed the reserve simply isn't on it, if any member bids quickly (looking for a bargain) before you get a chance or find out how to cancel the listing (being a newcomer),  you end up in the bad position where some fellow is expecting an item for £30-40 when someone locally has paid you £150 for it.

Even after you promptly message and write to the chap explaining the situation, he isn't happy as he has missed his 'bargain' from his point of view. Bad feeling or feedback is most likely to result through this system problem, and there isn't always a satifactory amicable way to sort it out!. I contacted e bay and they wouldn't agree that this happens, though it does obviously, even placing a "this is advertised elswhere note" on add isn't sureproof as i found..

These things happen quite often i understand, last year a Woman bid on my mobile i was selling, and actually bid £3000 instead of £30.00 for the LG u890 , i was looking for £70-80.00  she won the auction (obviously) but she was panicing a bit lol!. 


takethejag Why do some traders promise their goods are in stock for "immediate despatch", a  ps2 microphone adapter in this instance, then when paid immediately for, takes almost 3 weeks to travel from Lincolnshire to Cheshire ?, some or most of this may have been due to Royal Mail having problems fair enough,

But when the item arrives and neutral feedback is given that was "item was in great condition, but late on delivery" both statements are accurate 15-07-2007 , the guy leaves negative feedback in return .

How is feedback ever expected to work if members spit their dummy when fair critisism is given to them!.

Postal orders

Has anyone paid for goods with a  postal order sent it to a members correct address with postcode by ordinary 1st class post then the seller insists they haven't had it? seems strange when we know how reliable Royal Mail are as a rule.


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