Varilight V-Pro Eclique Touch & Remote Light Switches

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The eagerly awaited Varilight LED dimmer remote or touch light switch.

The new varilight Eclique V-Pro range of LED remote or touch dimmers are likely to be the dimmers of 2013 and will beat other alternative products with a real edge in remote dimmer technology, 
allowing you to dim LED's remotely along with many other excellent product features improving the already excellent Varilight touch and remote light switches.

The new Eclique Varilight touch, remote and slave control dimmer light switches can be used with the Varilight YRC8 remote control. 
This range can also be controlled by any infra-red handset such as: TV, satellite, Hi-Fi, Sky and the legitech harmony controllers.  To see how to program one of these remotes please click here

These products have been created to be able to dim a range of lighting products, including ESL's, GU10's and especially very good for quality dimmable LED lamps.
Also featured and new to the remote control dimmer product is a designer LED back lit touch button surrounded in an electric blue colour as seen below.

When the lights are turned of, the blue glow is visual enough to make contact within the room from a good distance, the switch and blue glow would be easily visible in an open plan room to give you a visual aid.
As the dimmer function brightens the room lighting the blue glow decreases on the switch plate.  

This range is equipped with a discrete remote control detector, giving the dimmer buttons a sleek style, 
just so the circular touch button is visible for perfect dimming functionality without the previous infra-red eye seen in the previous generation.

This range comes in many different finishes ranging from but not limited to: Iridium black, mirror chrome, pewter, mocha and brushed brass.
As well as different finishes they come in different styles such as screwless, flat, ultra late and normal and they range from 1 gang to 4 gang meaning they can have up to 4 buttons each.


To view all currently available products in this range  please click here

If you would like anymore information about this range please feel free to send us a message, visit our website or call us on any of the numbers below:
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