Varilight remote Control Dimmer Switch Not Crabtree

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Varilight Remote Control Dimmers Supplied here on ebay by The Internet Switch Store - feedback well in excess of 17,000 and the ability to provide the quality products quickly (We operate 7 days a week!) and adding a certain amount of professionalism to the industry! We work 24 hours a day to ensure we provide our customers with speed of service, we have a team working 7 days a week ensuring all items are sent as fast as possible.

Basically there are a lot of functions, please view my auctions as they all detail the basics but some thoughts for you are:
  • Why get up when you don't have to?
  • A Great gadget to show off with your mates
  • Not essential but the benefits are more than just for show, they improve lamp life with slow start and shut down dimming
  • can be used with the majority of light fittings
  • Easily transform the mood of your room and the look of the switches with a decent plate on the wall, not some old white plastic thing you have painted over several times
  • From £11.99 you cannot really argue with the price (plus P&P), and at £90 you are getting a really quality product, 4 gang flat plate and screwless
  • Although infa red is apparently line of sight, not direct line, they will bounce of walls etc......they do in my place anyway and so lots of others have said, email me for a video to prove this
  • Excellent for when your in the garden and want to turn your lights on and off from outside (Presuming of course your switches are inside and reasonably close)(ie within 50 feet of the garden range)
  • The touch side of the switch is also excellent, basically you just stroke it or tap it and the lights come on, lightly hold your finger down and the lights will dim through the range.
  • Of course I might be biased, I sell lots of them and I am a business not a charity (Although to be fair I do charity work a few times a year) - I wouldn't sell something I didn't believe in and for the price they are truly excellent products, I have every switch in my house a Varilight switch and have no complaints, I am confident you won't either
  • Anything at all please email me or use the ebay contact us form (Email address in all auctions) or even call us Freephone: 0800 043 5532, Mobile friendly: 0333 3212 768
  • We offer a range of other dimming products as well, including brands such as Futronix, Catry, GET, Rako, please browse our extensive range here on Ebay.
  • Varilight remote dimmers have an operation distance of around 50 feet
  • The Varilight 8 Button Controller YRC8 requires 2 x AA Batteries, we would recommend rechargeable batteries as they work well with low drain devices such as this and are better for the environment.
At the end of the day how many products do you use day in and day out that put a smile on your face? You don't get to drive a Porsche every day do you? Or maybe you do...........

Thanks for reading and good luck bidding, welcome to the world of remote lighting, Have a look at our you tube videos, type in keyword 'Varilight' on you tube and you'll find a range of videos about these products.

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