Vax Power 8 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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The hoover arrived boxed and ready for assembly, Hubby's job, and judging by the lack of swearing, and the fact that only a screwdriver was needed rather than his array of 'wonder-tools' this was easy 
Then he decided to attack the bedroom carpet, with the battle cry of  "lets see if we really need a new carpet", well the result was  that the carpet looked better than it ever has, and a new excuse is needed (would it doesn't match the curtains work I wonder)  Then we decided to try the living room, now our normal hoover turns its nose up here and will not pick up unless we pre sweep, as our house bunny Sophie has her own ideas about décor,  and has removed the carpet in the run around her sleeping area, down to the floorboards, well, now it looks as if we haven't got a bun at all, no stray do-dos and no hay line at the edges of the carpet, which considering it is over 30 years old, looks almost new.
Now it's my turn and I decided to play with the tools in the stairs and hallway areas, they were easy to fit, and swap over as needed, I could get right into the corners and picked up in areas that would have taken hours to sweep out by hand, as well as the hoover being much lighter than my usual one which I found far too heavy for stair cleaning.
This resulted in our taking turns to actually find something it couldn't do, which has led to both my carpets and upholstery being cleaner than it has for a long time, and, for a week at least, having most of my housework done for me 
In summary I find the Vax a very efficient cleaner, and the easy to use tools and ease of emptying the dust collector make this a  very good purchase
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