Vehicle Purchase Protection Program - holding account

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If you receive a request from a vehicle seller (mine came from user Chicane_82) to complete the transaction via eBay "as a third party", using the "eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection Program" - DON'T!

I phoned eBay on their helpline, using the details on the eBay Customer Support pages online, to confirm that this is fake. It requests that you send the value of the vehicle to a Barclays bank account, where eBay (it claims) will hold it securely until the vehicle is delivered.

How to spot a fake seller or fraudulent e-mail:

-The seller refuses to meet, saying that they will deliver the car to you once they (or eBay) has the money.

-The layout and font are not consistent throughout the e-mail. Although they do take logos and graphics from eBay, and some of the links may be authentic, you'll notice some mispellings, americanised words, or inconsistent graphics and background colours.

-The e-mail will not have been sent from a "" or "" address - the one I received came from

-There is no direct link back to the eBay vehicle listing itself.


Hope this helps!

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