Vendors address and small value article/item.

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I had a rather annoying and frustrating experience when I won the auctioned item for £1.20p plus postage of £2.50p.  Using a recycled jiffy bag plus postage of 35p. meant nothing short of being fleeced, however that was the least of the problem. Vendors address came up after auction end when i indicated that a cheque would be sent the following day which was duly done After twelve days I contacted the vendor to enquire and his response was to say that he had not received the cheque .A further twentyfour hours elapsed i received a warning from ebay that unless payment was received i would be given a negative rating by them. When I started to check out various things I noticed that vendors most recent advice notice for payment showed a different address to the one shown immediately after auction end. I asked vendor about the discrepancy and informed him that I could only use the address shown by Ebay and it was his responsibility to ensure accuracy;should he supply the wrong one then it was not my fault that he would not receive cheque. As the addresses were both in the same town I politely asked him to try to collect it from this address. After becoming aggressive in his Email plus accussing me of not sending in the first place,I posted a second cheque,this time recorded delivery to ensure he could not dispute receiving cheque. Additionally I had to put a stop on the first cheque (£20) to ensure nobody else might cash chque and request via my local R.Mail office to try and retreive the lost letter plus cheque.Within 24hrs Ebay removed the strike threat, so I knew that it must have been received.A further 15 days elapsed before the cheque was presented and cleared, so I began to think that I could expect article to arrive---nothing!   After another  week I reciprocated with  his friendly style by reporting cheque cashed and no goods!   WOW!  One highly indigninant vendor who now decided to try and dismiss the delivery aspect by saying that he had been in hospital trying to stay alive and my item was of no importance to him. R.M. had now returned my first letter+cheque.I contacted Ebay about his two addresses and this was never explained as being either vendors fault or some kind of error from within Ebay themselves.My final response to this strange character was to remind him that if he reports somebody to E bay and flatly refusesto accept their explanation; automatically assuming I was not going to pay, then given the opportunity this type of reaction will be returned back.  He seemed quite uninterested to know why or how you could have two addresses for the same auction;I even sent him print-outs of the two addresses with all the details shown.  So an item that really should have cost me in total lessthan £2 including postage ,ended up costing nearly £35 after bank charges,recorded postage,25miles backwards and forwards to my not so local P.O.Every single transaction now I obtain proof of posting, make a photocopy of letter with cheque attached and mention cheque number details and which bank this is drawn on and ask vendor to acknowledge receipt of letter and so far this seems to work O.K.  Ebay has something of a problem which they seem uninterested in trying to rectify over a situtation just described and your are left wonderibg if a vendors address can be trusted to be accurate.For that reason i would only purchase articles from within the U.K.  Outside you could be sending funds etc to a black hole because experience tells me Ebay  are not interested in finding out why or how this error can occur---CAVEAT EMPTOR still exists in most strange forms!          
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