Video Game and Music Guide (Part two)

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I am starting to get addicted to Ebay.  Believe me, I am finding some great stuff to get here.

One of the finds of the past week has to be on turncircle's shop of music CDs.  I've found a few albums I like the look of, namely one that is listed as having music akin to Boards of Canada.  I would suggest you check out his catalogue.

Boards of Canada, you hear me quote?  Who they?  Well, they are a group of electronica driven genius (aka a couple of blokes from Scotland who can do music quite unlike anything you have heard).  I highly, highly recommend them.  You will see plenty of copies of 'Music Has The Right To Children' and 'The Campfire Headphase' albums listed here, but their zenith to me is the album named 'Geogaddi'.  If you are into the idea of slightly warped/backwards mixed music, you will not be disappointed, trust me.

Meanwhile, I've been having a ding-dong battle trying to get games for low prices.  My only success so far is with the PC title Happy Hour (called Last Call 2 elsewhere).  In this game, you have to mix drinks, serve customers and check if they are the right age.  It plays a lot better than it sounds, the cartoony characters having the right kind of personality thanks to the voice acting (this is according to the demo I played of it, so things may have changed!), and the mouse movement playing a key part (for instance, for shaking the drinks).

Meanwhile, I am trying to put bids in for X-Men Legends.  I like the idea of a two-player co-operative game, so I'll see if I can blag it.  Video games should be a social thing after all.

Talking of social gaming, if you own a Sega Saturn, have loads of mates, and like Bomberman, there is a version on there that can cope with ten players.  You heard it.  Ten players.  Buy those controllers/multitaps and a copy of Bomberman on Ebay and you are laughing.

Hope this helps.  See ya soon.


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