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The purpose of this little guide is to make other viewers aware of any good example of quality items or absolute bargains I spot.  Whether its an album I've always wanted simply because it sounded great, or a video game that I feel you just need to bid for, I'll list 'em.  I'll do a little addition now and then for any good items, and I hope this will be of use to you.

At the moment, a game like Burnout Revenge is proving very, very popular.  I don't blame the bidders one single bit, for after playing Burnout 3: Takedown on the PlayStation 2, it simply is great.  I'd like to get this game myself :-D but bidding is going like crazy for this game.  Bidders are also aware of this, and have been less likely to start bids at a low price.  However, if you are an X-Box owner, consider yourselves fortunate, because the X-Box versions of the game have far less bids than their Sony-compatable cousin.  Plus the fact that you can put your own music tracks and play on X-Box Live, you'd better get your skates on and bid for these reasons.

Most of my PC game wanted list has been made through the playing of cover demos from magazines.  One game that had me smiling was Casino Inc.  Its a management game where you create your little casino empire, and what I always liked about it was the ability to catch cheaters, then employ them to cheat at other casinos!  Not something I would recommend in real life though.  At time of typing, there are about eight copies to bid for, but with Ebay shops selling for only £4.99, try to guage a bid with the postage you are prepared to pay.

Role Playing Games (RPGs) are quite popular amongst certain groups of gamers, and some critically-acclaimed ones have shown up like Disgaea, La Pucelle Tactics, Ring of Red, Suikoden 4, and Star Ocean 3 (all for PS2) on offer at very low start bids.  X-Box has some notable games for it too, such as X-Men Legends, Fable and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic.

However, the RPG that has caught my eye is one for a (very good) aged console, the Super Nintendo (SNES).  I've heard many positive things in magazines about how good Shadowrun was, and I heard it can go for about £25-35!  The rarity of it adds to the value.  With under three days to go, I've already seen two people bid for this game, and it looks as if they will get a cast iron deal, if they get it for just over £3!

Aside from all my tongue-panting over these games, I have noticed many good deals on CDs.  I would just like to say that if you are looking for good music that you might miss (because it doesn't get played on the radio), try going to a listening post in any music store, or listen to the odd late-night radio show (or catch it again on the net!).  I have decided to get Surreal Madrid's 'No More Boom Boom' for about three tracks I heard on Radio One a long time back.  I haven't seen it in music shops, so this may be my chance to get a copy.  The new Chemical Brothers' album and Basement Jaxx's 'Kish Kash' are also going for low prices too.

Happy hunting!


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