Video Games - Region Free or not?!

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Are you confused at whether certain video games are region free (or not!)?

I thought I would just clarify the types of video games, out there on the market today, that are in fact region free.

Nintendo DS/DS Lite - YES (but only a few UMD movies)
Nintendo Gameboy - YES
Nintendo Gameboy Advance - YES

With handheld systems, like the above, the consoles themselves are actually region-free.

PS3 - YES (all, *see below)
PS2 - NO
Xbox 360 - YES (only US, and some others **see below)
Wii - NO
Xbox - NO

*Many people think that the PS3 console is region free, however, it isn't. The systems are region-locked, so they cannot play DVDs from other countries. Furthermore, they will not play PS2 games (if you are lucky enough to own a 60gb console) either, as these are region-locked. The PS3 games themselves are region free. Most US Blu ray movies are region free, but it is not guaranteed.

**There are a large amount of Asian Xbox 360 games on the market at the moment. Now these are all region free (and can generally be bought much cheaper), but before buying, please consider one thing. After you have played the game and twaddle off to your local game store in order to trade it in, most high st stores will not accept them.

I hope you have found this short guide usefull. I am more then happy to answer questions on this topic, so feel free to contact me through the Ebay messaging service.

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