Vintage Dart Buying Guide

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Vintage Dart Buying Guide

For many people, a night at the pub wouldn't be complete without at least one game of darts. Many people enjoy playing this sport, whether at their favorite drinking holes or professionally, but there are some people who also enjoy collecting vintage darts. These small missiles are fun to collect and those looking to start a vintage dart collection should first do some research about these collectibles before making any purchase.


Research Brands

Darts is a very old game and so there are many companies out there that make or have made darts and boards. Buyers should familiarise themselves with the various brands and makers and the characteristics of their products so they know what to look for when researching a particular item. Widdy, for example, is a famous maker of darts and boards from the United States. They make handcrafted wooden darts that use real turkey feathers. Deco is another company that made darts equipment. They made both feather and plastic dart flights. These particular darts are quite rare as the Deco factory burned down in 1982 and the owner decided not to rebuild.


Check the Condition

Most people use their darts regularly and put them through a lot of abuse, which is why it is difficult to find antique or vintage darts in good condition. Any vintage item that's in good condition not only ensures it can last a long time, but also retains its value. When purchasing any dart set or individual piece, buyers should carefully check its condition. Most vintage pieces are well-worn and probably have scuffs or pieces missing. Any set that is in mint condition is probably still in the box or packaging.


Research Prices

Like any collectible, the price of vintage darts increase or decrease based on a few factors. Supply is one such factor. If a particular brand of darts flooded the market, then its value would go down. Rare items are worth much more, and so an original Deco dart, for example, would be very pricey because the company stopped making them in the 1980s. Another factor that affects an item's price is demand. Demand changes from year to year and what's hot this year may not be next year. While someone may have a set of rare antique darts, if no one wants to buy them because they are not fashionable at the moment, then the price of the set goes down. Another factor that can increase an item's price would be if a famous person owned the dart or set. For example, first ever World Professional Darts Champion Leighton Thomas Rees's darts would definitely cost more than just any ordinary person's darts. Most collectors might also want a complete set. Many might not consider just darts or the dart board to be collectible.

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