Vintage Regiment Book Buying Guide

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Vintage Regiment Book Buying Guide

A vintage regiment book offers a look into the history, soldiers, or specific battles of a specific regiment. To a military history buff, militia collector, or anyone interested in a specific regiment, vintage regiment books offer a treasure trove of information. Learn about how to buy vintage regiment books in order to choose the right items for your collection.


Country of the Regiment Book

Regiment books come from nearly every country with a military. Depending on which country's militia interests you, you can likely purchase from almost any of them. However, a regiment book from Russia is likely to be in Cyrillic and a German regimentary book is likely to be in German. If you want to read the book, then you should either know the language, or purchase from a military with an English-speaking nation. The UK often issues regiment books, as does the United States, but Australia is most famous for their many regimentary books.


Specific Regiment Books

If you are not collecting military history books, but instead want to buy books for a specific regiment, such as one your grandfather was in, then take into account that not all regiments have their own books. Many regiment books cover the basic history of one militia. 'A History of the British Cavalry', 'Accrington Pals', 'By Land and By Sea', and 'The Cheshire Bantams' are a few examples of both regimental specific and militia regimental books. Consider which you want and then buy accordingly. If you want to know about the entire militia then you need the militia book, but if you want to know about one regiment then you need the specific. Regiment Magazine is also a good option if you prefer shorter reads than full books.


Age or Period of the Regiment Book

Military history books come from nearly every era, and cover every era. You can choose to purchase a book that covers specific eras, such as 'A History of British Cavalry: 1816-1919', or a book that covers the whole history of the regiment in less detail. 'The Hood Battalion' is an example of a regimental novel that covers a good deal of the history of a regiment. Usually, unless the regiment is disbanded, like the Connaught Rangers, then the military book only covers a portion of their history.


Condition of the Regiment Book

Vintage regimental books might be pristine and like new, but might also feature damage, scuffing, worn pages, broken bindings, and age related wear and tear. Pay attention to the vintage book condition and purchase according to what you want for your collection. In the case of very old regiment books, it may not be possible to get one in perfect condition.

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