Vintage clothes - A guide to finding a bargain!

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1. Check Ebay  LOTS!
Ebay UK lets you list auction/fixed price items for 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10-day periods. Shops tend to have longer listings, usually over a 30 day period at a fixed price. Sellers tend to choose longer periods because they are buying more advertising for their money but try to do your searches at least every 3 days just in case you miss something!

2. Check other categorys too!
Not all people selling vintage clothing are specific vtg dealers, People clear out attics and lofts, and often sell without knowing what treasures they have! These usually end up in the general clothing category which appears before the Vintage category in the eBay listing process and is MASSIVE with like 100000s of items, meaning that super rare Adidas piece is being lost amongst 1000s of off the peg contemporary stuff! try searching for VINTAGE 80's SHIRT  in the Clothing & Accessories category rather than 80's shirt  in the vintage category.

3. Browse Lots!
Browsing eBay  is just window shopping at home so it is definately something we all like to do right! Looking for  a bargain? Browse through vintage by Lowest Price First. Want to see whats going to cost you loads? Browse by Highest Price First! If you have lots of time, then check every DAY! Cause then that item you really want wont slip away. Remember usually an auction only runs for a week, so if you miss Old Aunt Peggys one week auction of that perfect feather Boa its because you didn't check t'bay!

4. Look out for typos and errors!
Look out for sellers with poor spelling skills! - an Adiddas RETTRO vnTage item will be seen by alot less people than a correctly spelt and listed item, thus giving you a bigger chance to grab a bargain!

5. Check the sellers feedback!
Not everyone selling vintage clothing on eBay is a vintage clothing dealer. If someone has great feedback but has been selling nuts & bolts, it might be wise to ask the seller some questions about the item before bidding. What you think of as ace condition and what they’re calling ace condition could be well different. Also, as a seller who talks to other sellers, I know that sometimes negative feedback is left for sellers that is unwarranted. A little bit of negative feedback is not the end of the world, best to check out the overall feedback, and judge for yourselves. The alarm bells should ring when you see alot of recent negative or neutral feedback in a pattern. (this could indicate a hijacked acc or similar).

6. Add sellers to your favourite sellers list!
You can add a seller to your list of Favorite Sellers by clicking on the link in one of their auctions. You can also sign up to be emailed when your favorite sellers add new items. This keeps you informed of sales and promotions and you can change the settings if you want to not recieve the emails.

7. Dont forget to search descriptions too!
Not everyone uses the word VINTAGE in their titles. To be sure you find all the VINTAGE 1980's SHIRTS, be sure to check that little sneaky box under the search field to search both titles and descriptions.

Hope this helps with the bargain hunting! Lom74. Bringing the past to you!
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