Vinyl Graphics installing

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How to fit vinyl graphics and decals
(This included the surface as well as air temp)

These decals consist of three layers. The first or top layer of the decal is the clear plastic that holds the entire graphic together until it is installed on a car (its removed once fitted). The middle layer is the actual decal that adheres to the car and the bottom layer is the paper backing that preserves the adhesive.
Adding vinyl graphics to your car couldn’t be simpler, just follow the instructions below:

Items you will need include:
Your vinyl sticker/decal
Spray bottle filled with water and a little washing up liquid (used for larger graphics mainly)
Hairdryer (if using water)
Applicator (store or bank cards can also be used)
Craft Knife if trimming is required

Step By Step DIY Instructions:

1. Completely clean the outside of your car or the decal application area to remove any grease or dust particles that may prevent the decal from sticking to the surface. Make sure when you dry the car that you use a lint free cloth.

* Never use harsh ammonia based cleaning products (i.e. Window Cleaner), they will cause your decals to bubble and peel a few weeks after application.

2. Test fit the decal on your car to figure out exactly where you want to apply the graphic with all 3 layers intact.

3. If required, use your spray bottle to wet the area where you are applying the sticker. Make sure there are no dry areas.

4. Peel the paper backing off of the decal to expose the adhesive side. Do not peel the top layer off just yet. If it doesnt come away first time, lay the decal down flat and apply pressure face down (this makes sure there is a good bond between the top clear layer and the decal itself making it easier for the paper layer to peel away.

5. Put the sticky side of the decal to the surface of the car where you want it applied. If you have wet the decal, you can slide the decal around gently to make any adjustments until it is properly placed in the area you selected. Be careful not to rip it.

* We recommend when applying larger graphics that you recruit a friend or two to help so avoid putting creases into the vinyl.

6. Using your Applicator, work all of the fluid and bubbles from the vinyl starting at the centre and working your way out to the edges. Repeat the process a couple of times if necessary to get all of the soap water and trapped air from underneath the decal making sure their is a good bond with where you are adhering to.

7. Next step is to remove the clear top application layer slowly peeling it straight up to reveal the decal. If the vinyl peels off when removing the top layer, go back to the previous step making sure you have applied enough pressure for the sticker to adhere correctly.

8. With the vinyl on your car, if needed trim any edges with excess vinyl using a sharp tool such as a craft knife. To tuck the edges around doors and petrol caps, pinch the edges to form it into place.

10. Finally give the decal a quick wipe over with a dry cloth, we suggest you wait 24 hours before washing, waxing or driving through rain/snow.

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