Vinyl Record Care Guide

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Caring For Vinyl Records

Good record care is important. To preserve the sound quality and prolong the lifespan of your vinyl, follow these simple steps.

1. Store your record collection  in a clean, dry area away from windows or humidity. Avoid  heat sources such as direct sunlight, heaters or amplifiers.

2. Vinyl should be kept in a vertical position with no leaning.

3. Records should be kept within both sleeve and jacket when not in use.

4. Never touch the stylus or needle with your fingers. Use a soft brush or dedicated stylus cleaner. As a general guide, change your stylus after approx 500 hours use.

5. When removing a record from its sleeve, always handle with care at the edges. Avoid touching the actual recording surface to reduce the possibility of scratching it with your fingernails or transferring oil from your hands into the grooves of the vinyl.

6. Keeping your records clean is easy and will preserve sound quality and prolong vinyl life.  If  your records accumulate dust, use a fine, record cleaning brush or soft, anti-static cloth. Always clean with the groove. Cleaning against the groove could cause damage to the vinyl. Always dry clean your records before and after play.  If there is dirt or mould present, a wet clean will be necessary.

7. Wet your cleaning brush (or a soft cloth) with a mixture of record cleaning solution diluted with distilled water. Clean with the groove using the brush or cloth. After a few turns check to see if the record is clean, rinse any deposits from the brush or cloth before restarting a wash cycle.  Once the record is clean, leave it to dry naturally in a vertical position,  Do not put your records back in their jacket until they are dry.  When cleaning with distilled water be careful to avoid getting any on the label as this may cause the printing inks to run or smudge.  Using tap water is not recommended as it often contains mineral deposits which may damage the surface of the record. There's a whole host of interesting & effective (and some crazy) record cleaning methods on youtube. 

8. If you’d like to provide further protection to album artwork, use plastic sleeves. These slide over the outside of the jacket and protects it from outside elements.

If you follow these simple steps your albums will remain in pristine condition and you can enjoy listening to them again and again.


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