Vision Fishing Waders Buying Guide

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Vision Fishing Waders Buying Guide

Vision fishing waders keep anglers warm, comfortable, and dry. Depending on water temperature, personal fitness, and average walking distances, different models of Vision fishing waders suit different types of fishing. Choosing the best Vision fishing wader can be a tricky, and due to cost, most anglers choose a wader that suits a variety of purposes.


Vision Layered Fabric Construction

Vision pioneered layered fabric construction to keep wet areas warmer and dryer, and dry areas cooler and more comfortable to create breathable waders. All Vision layered waders utilise the patented breathable F3.5 fabric in thicker layers from the foot to mid-thigh, with thinner fabric on the upper legs and chest. The Ikon wader, a breathable chest waders model, with its 6-layer lower body construction, is very popular with guides and angling instructors who spend a lot of time in the water.


Vision No-Seam Leg Pattern

Vision designers have patented a curved, no-seam leg pattern for their fabric chest waders. The pattern enables easy movement, reduces chafing, and extends the life of the product. Particularly suited to anglers walking long distances, the no-seam design is available in the Vision Havu series as well as the Opas Zip model. The biggest difference between the curved trouser design and conventional waders designs is the flexibility of movement. Anglers find their range of motion, particularly the length of stride, is no longer constricted, and seam damage around the crotch is eliminated. Vision no-seam fishing waders suits fly fishing and saltwater casting.


Vision Zip Front Waders

Gone are the days when waders had to be tight and inflexible for water-tightness. Vision's developments have resulted in a series of waders with easy-access zips: the Ikon, Havu, Opas, and CDC Ultra. Far from making waders less waterproof, Vision zip models utilise YKK waterproof zips to ensure anglers stay dry and comfortable. With the new central zipper, getting waders on is as simple as putting on a pair of dungarees. No more balancing on one leg or putting holes in your waders while standing on them.


Neoprene Waders

Anglers fishing in cold temperatures need the extra warmth of a neoprene wader. Fortunately, Vision offers neoprene chest waders perfect for cold weather and cold-water fishing. The Vision Sub Zero neoprene waders, made from high quality 5-mm neoprene, features a large central chest pocket to keep hands warm and adjustable braces to keep warmth inside. Reinforced knees and gravel guards mean less chance of holes, and triple-sewn seams ensure a warm, dry day in the water. This Vision fishing wader suits winter angling.

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