Vivatar DVR - 390H video conversion, suitable software.

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I am amazed that, battery life apart, people are so critical of the Vivitar DVR-390H multimedia unit. It is actually VERY simple to convert almost any video to usable format on the machine by conversion in some decent software. Most people have Nero or similar video editors although I use and would heartily recommend  AVS Videoconverter, and simply load in the desired file, click on AVI select MPEG 4 (Divx compatible)  name the file and select the destination and job done! Now the really good part, the converter has a plethora of tweeks and enhancements to improve all aspects of the finished video. I can assure you the quality, of the finished article is excellent, very much better than anything recorded directly on the machine itself. Most files are small enough to save to a 2gb SD card, typically 1.4 -1.8 Gb. The conversion is completed in around an hour, and can of course be saved to any location for future use, and will also play on lots of other equipment which accept a disc, card, or memory stick. One thing to avoid is using the .asf format as the file name extender, just leave it as .avi, and it works every time.If you happen to have an older computer with Windows XP, then it is a doddle to transfer files to and fro from the DVR-390, I use an older model with a dual operating system ie XP pro, and Vista.

As for the other features of the wee Vivitar, the still camera at 3.1 megapixels is well outpaced nowadays, but rather than carry an additional camera I find it is actually very usable and often quite surprisingly good. I have also made some very acceptable videos of different activities which have had very favourable comments from other camera users. I have had mine for around 6/7 years and had no trouble with it at all, more than I can say for friends with various ARCHOS manifestations, not to mention all the EXTRA bits required to get the same functionality as the DVR-390 as supplied. Batteries are still readily available at around £7 - £10 , so no need to get caught out there either.

To sum up, by modern standards the Vivitar is long in the tooth, but is one of the neatest gadgets for its age and dimensions, it also serves as an auxilliary hard drive when called upon, and best of all can be got quite cheaply on E/Bay, some would say it's a  'Jack of all Trades, Master of None' but I say it's very good at SOME !!  so don't be too hard on it ...........

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