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Simply Split Charge additional voltage sense relay advise and information

At Simply Split Charge we offer a range of the 12v 140amp voltage sense relays which range in cost and operating voltages which may suit your vehicle, budget or intention of use better. All of the relays work in a similar way from the rise voltage from the vehicles charging system when you start start your engine which activates the relay and allows the second or leisure battery to be charged whilst you are driving. When you are stopped and the engine has been switched off the voltage drops and the relay then isolates both batteries. This activation voltage and isolation voltage is different in all of our voltage sensitive relays so please read the information below for advise on which will be best for you. 

Durite  Relay

Actuation voltage 13.3v and isolation voltage 12.65v +/- 0.1v

The Durite relay is still the most commonly known and popular voltage sensitive relay but please note that Durite lowered the isolation voltage of this relay to 12.65v which means the relay can stay connected for longer periods after the engine has been switched off until either the main starter battery or leisure battery drops below the isolation voltage.

For the full range of Durite Relay kits please click on this link

M-Power Relay

Actuation voltage 13.3v and isolation voltage 12.8v

The M-Power relay is a high quality popular relay more well known in the marine world and for a good isolation voltage at 12.8v when the engine is switched off is our recommended product for most installations. As the isolation voltage is higher this means that the relay will disconnect sooner at 12.8v leaving a much higher charge in your main starter battery for when you need to start the vehicle.

For the full range of M-Power Relay kits please click on this link

HC Cargo (Bosch)

Actuation voltage 13.3v and isolation voltage 12.8v

The HC Cargo relay is from our new lower priced range of kits and relays but offers a fully e-approved professional quality relay and split charge system with good isolation voltage at a great price. If you are looking for a good quality split charge system at a great price then we also recommend this product.

For the full range of HC Cargo kits please clink on this link

Extra information for newer vehicles with Modern smart charge / brake regeneration vehicles

For all of the latest spec vehicles including Mercedes Blue Efficiency Sprinters, VW T5 and T6 Blue motion, Vauxhall Ecoflex and Fords Econetic Transits it is recommended to use a battery to battery charger form range of battery to battery chargers, smart charging alternator kits or Sterling Power products. This is because the alternators on these vehicles will cut alternator power when not needed to save fuel then raise this voltage to very high levels when needed which can damage both relay and leisure battery.

For the full range of battery to battery chargers and kits please click on this  

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