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I recently bought a dress from linglingfuchu.

The dress which was advertised was a stunning wedding dress. The picture was spectacular. The advertisment promised a beautifully made quality wedding dress at a great price with a promise of "100% refund guaranteed if not satisfied". The dress had a buy it now price of £9.98. Seems attractive hey? The catch being it costs £60.00 in postage and |£9.00 insurance costs. The dress cost less than £7.00 to get to the UK in postage costs. I checked upon receiving the package.

I was shocked when I opened the package to find a dress that lookied nothing like the picture and was in fact, a very cheap imitation. Bearing in mind I have forked out £80.00, the dress looked like it had cost £15 to make that based on the material alone.

The dress was cut very wonky. One side was an inch lower than the other. Around the back on the dress was 2 inches higher under one armpit than the other.

The corset part at the back was 1 inch off centre.

The dress was marked and dirty.

The hemming at the bottom was completely wonky. In fact, cut so badly it was unwearable.

The stitching was coming undone. The hemming stitching had been overlapped into the actual showing part at the front of the dress.

The beading was actually falling off the dress because it had been stitched on so badly.

I contacted the seller who told me because I had not reported problems with 72 hours of paying for the dress he would not help, replace or refund  in any manner. What a joke considering the dress took 168 hours to reach me after paying for the dress. How can I report a faulty item when I do not even have the dress in 72 hours????

In the end I am having to make a claim through paypal. This is still ongoing and may take a month before I know if I am eligible for the claim.

I am writing this for the benefit of other women like myself who may be considering buying a dress like I did. Although I did get well and truly ripped off by linglingfuchu and not only taken in by all his lies on the advertisement it has at least taught me the lesson not to make the same mistake twice.

It's just not worth taking the risk to throw about a total of £80.00 down the pan. It's not as if I can even do anything with the dress. It really is that bad.

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