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iphone is one of the most wanted phone in nowdays, regardless its poorer performance comparing with other top phones; althought it has some impressive features,still untouchable by any other phone,i will only point here its weaknesses;this guide is designed to help an undecised customer, not very well familiar with iphone, or other top phones;each phone has its own personality,and sometimes,different solutions for the same feature,thing who can explain some missing features of iphone

i will point in this guide only the weaknesses,compared with all the technologies available today,already used in other phones,but not on iphone

weaknesses of iphone:

1. non replaceable battery

2.poor battery life,even with the new iphone, with an improved battery life, still not enough to hold a charge at least 3 days

3.unuseful bluetooth -you cannot communicate with other devices via bluetooth, whose purpose is only for headset;probably the manufacter, Apple, thought that email is enought,for sending files, is it?on the other hand,possibilities with bluetooth are huge,for example if the former iphone would have had it,you could have used it with a GPS receiver via bluetooth,and no need to buy the 3G iphone;but the point is,that YOU HAVE TO BUY IT,IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY

4. poor quality sound on external speaker, not to strong,to many missed calls;NOT 3D SOUND,ONLY 1 SPEAKER(better than previous iphone)-below average sound on external speaker (this is proven!!) is there any excuse for this?

5.poor camera, withouth focusing,withouth image stabilizer,withouth recording, or night mode,or blitz;we are seeing phones with camera of  5-10 MP,and Apple releases it on market with only 2 MP-this would be ok,but not from a phone like iphone;no upgrade to this feature

6.no video calling; they made a 3G phone,withouth video calling;interesting; it looks like this phone is designed especially for internet,internet via 3G;no second camera

7.to big,in my opinion,i feel like i keep a chocolate at my ear;poor upgrade to the shape,looks almost the same;how would be a new porche model,but looking like the old one?this means,that your new car is just like your old one

8.GPS will not be very helpful, at least not to be used instead of a car GPS;GPS chip is too weak to provide turn-by-turn navigation-will not show arrows to guide you on the way,you will not hear voices to guide you,no real time moving on the map”,NO NAVIGATION SOFTWARE “can’t compete with standalone GPS, IT IS ONLY ASISTED GPS,ASSISTED BY THE NETWORK DATA;WHERE NO NETWORK,LIKE DESSERT,NO GPS”;why no turn by turn navigation? because the network will receive iphone's datas,will search for satellites,will process data then send back to iphone,but in this time the iphone has moved;so use it when walking,but not in car,completely useless in cars;if the bluetooth would have been present, we could use it with a GPS receiver standalone,and we could bypass the the network processing,and we would have had a good gps,but no bluetooth!!!!on the other hand ,uses google maps,who are not very detailed,especially for Europe,and you need to have internet access too,all the time,to be able to download the map all the time; i see this as a weakness,especially that there are so many good softs for GPS devices like tom tom , mio, igo, garmin; but not to be used with iphone;



9. lack of operating system in windows mobile cannot be an advantage, unless you are a machintosh user;but using all the time word documents,exel,power poit, i find it difficult to use the with a converter;does iphone allow you to edit them? i do not think so

10. no radio-those guys from Apple doesn't listen radio at all?is hard to keep up with the music when you spend all your time at work 

11.the internal memory 8-16 GB;not that big now our days; still no memory card

12. no MMS, no SMS forwarding,no turning off the predictive words,etc

13. still locked on AT&T, no matter how you buy it from USA; they are forcing us to be linked with one carrier;after all,does AT&T make the iphone?or Apple?3G connection for internet is with a speed of 1.4 Mb/s in AT&T network,even they can do 3.6 Mb/s,but they promised to allow 7.2 Mb/s at the end of this year;Apple released a top phone,with an important update,3G connection,who is behind many phones that were released before Iphone 3G;but mainly this connection speed is up to the carrier;1.4 Mb/s is almost like wifi connection,or 2.8 faster than EDGE;it looks like AT&T wasn't ready to allow 7.2 connection,but they are ready to sell iphones;this is the AT&T policy for all 3G connections,at this time,to prevent crashes;but actually iphone can do 7.2Mb/s,if the network will allow it;AT&T is the only US network with 3G connection!!! but you will get in Europe,Asia 7.2 mb/s


14.some other missing features: no DivX,Xvid,etc support (you cannot see movies in their format,you have to transform them),no hand writing recognition, no video out port to connect directly to a projector to view power point presentation (presentation directly from the phone-this is possible), no optical mouse-this is possible too,.mp3 cannot be ringtones,you have to buy them,because the low protects the right of author;i can understand that,but you cannoy find in itunes stores,all mp3 that you like! all non usa phone,allow mp3 to be added as ringtones,and the same low is available too,but the thing is you have to buy it,it is about money;some phones will allow 3g connection for a laptop,using the phone as a modem,but not iphone;no TV receiver-this is possible too (Nokia N96 has DVB-H TV broadcast receiver), no call time,no landscape keyboard, no RAR or ZIP decompression,no external button for camera,no voice dialing , no copy and paste!!,no full resolution of pictures from email,and you cannot forward them at their original resolution,no way to serach in your emails, etc

15.is the price;to high for a "big chocolate", 535$ in USA-8Gb,642$-16 Gb -the price is not 200 $ as many people think,will cost 200 $ with a contract for 2 years of 70$/month MINIMUM;if you buy withouth a contract-but still locked, the price is 499 $ for 8Gb version,plus 7% taxes=535$(for the same price you can get a more advanced phone,like Samsung 900i Omnia,and if the iphone would have been had all Samsung 900i 's features,probably the price would have been double than it is now,that is why i believe the price of iphone is exagerated comparing with what can do)

after you have read all these,does it worth buying it?YOU DECIDE

my suggestion: try HTC diamond,or Touch pro, Nokia n96,Sony Ericsson C905 or Xperia X1,Asus Galaxy7 or Samsung I900 omnia;after all the decison is yours,if you need a phone especially for internet ,and you don't mind having a big phone,i believe this is the best;it was impressive few years ago,but now even the new iphone,is behind many other phones;this slowly upgrade of the iphone,probably is made especially for you, to keep buying it;maybe they thought they will run out ideas,so why put everything in one phone from the begining? luckly not all companies think like that;my conclusion: iphone is not among phones what used to be...but still in TOP;doesn't have to have all features,but has missed to many,and some that are already present are not the best,and Apple used to us,with the best.

another version of the iphone is to be expected this year at the end or the begining of the next one,with a memory 32 GB


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