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Wearing Stockings is an Art Form Here are the Tips to make it easy!

Rules for stockings are the same as pantyhose tights:  no jagged finger nails and toe nails; remove rings if they are not smooth; hands should be smooth or wear hosiery gloves. Roll the stocking down into an O-shape, place thumbs inside then start unrolling over the foot and up the leg (pointing toes, foot forward helps).  Hand wash by gently swishing and squeezing the stockings (don’t rub or twist) in lukewarm water – rinse in clean water, gently squeezing and then lay out flat on a towel to dry (room temperature away from direct heat).  You can also use a drying tree.

The most important rule is put underwear (Knickers etc) on LAST.  Think going to the bathroom – if you have your stockings and garter belt over your panties then you have to remove everything to go to the bathroom.

The first few times you wear stockings, wear them around the house for a while before you leave to be sure you have everything adjusted properly.  If you are wearing a short skirt, be sure to sit down and see if the stockings are long enough.

To wear normal stockings, you will need a garter belt (in Europe we call this accessory suspenders or a suspender belt).  Good garter belts are comfortable and don’t cost much more than the little lacey ones that are not that practical.  Worn on top of the hip, garter belts are usually 3 to 8 inches in length, measured from top to bottom not including the straps.  Wider garter belts, called full or girdlette (10 to 12 inches), can offer support for the waistline if desired. 

Waspies, Girdles, Corsets and Waist cinchers are other articles of lingerie that can have straps for stockings. So you can easily incorporate stockings with different lingerie. 

The straps from the garter belt attach to the stocking by clasps and the more straps, the better.  The more straps used, the smoother the stocking will look and if a clasp breaks, there would be no sag in the stocking.  Metal clasps are better than plastic ones and get adjustable straps so you can adjust the amount of tension on the stocking. 

Most stockings have a top area that is thicker than the stocking itself, this is called the Welt and the clasps are attached to the welt.  Don’t substitute thigh high Hold Up's for Stockings because the thick rubber can bend the clasps.  Normal stretch stocking wearers can use a four-strap garter belt but non-stretch stockings work better with at least six straps.


A good starting point for strap adjustment is to make the back straps 2 inches longer than the front straps and 1 inch longer than the side straps.  Some garter belts are cut / shaped longer in the back than in the front to help in this area because when you sit down there is a farther distance to go on your back side to reach the stocking. 

When standing, there should be a slight pull on the stockings but the word here is slight – over pull will either damage the stocking or cause the garter belt to slide down.  If you are wearing normal stretch stockings, you can keep the straps tighter, letting the stocking do some of the give.

Attach the back straps first.  This helps to keep the stocking straight (even ones without a seam).  If you are wearing seamed stockings, place the back strap in line with the seam (seamed stockings are best worn with 6 or more straps which will keep the seam straight).  Try sitting down which makes it easier to attach the back straps.  Another trick is not to pull the garter belt all the way up until you have attached the straps to the stockings.  Better yet, have a friend / spouse / partner attach the back strap for you. To keep your stockings from twisting, attach the straps straight down from the garter belt.  If you are wearing Full Fashion stockings, do not put the clasp in the finishing hole – this is a weak area of the stocking.

There are different types of stockings.  Most stockings are made from nylon and some stretch while others do not.  Non-stretch stockings are knitted and boarded to fit (heated on a board) – they look like your leg, not a ball of material. 

Denier is the thickness of the nylon yarn – the lower the number, the sheerer the stocking. 

Full Fashion is a stocking that starts as a flat piece of non-stretch nylon material and then the sides are sewn together to create the stocking and the process creates a seam.  If you remove the seam stitching on a Full Fashion stocking, you will end up with a flat piece of material.  The finishing hole (looks like a defect in the welt) is made during the stitching process of Full Fashioned stockings as the seamstress finishes the stitch.  Stockings made on a circular knitting machine can still have a seam but it is just for looks.

Two pairs of stockings will last three pairs of pantyhose tights since you toss out pantyhose tights when you get a runner in one leg but with stockings, you just toss out the one with the runner and still use the other.

You may have to try different brands / styles to get the perfect fit - so don’t buy six pairs because you get a cheap price until you know they fit properly.  Finally - Don’t be afraid to ask questions ;)

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