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Not all dresses made in China are poor quality!  Look at asapbay! 

All the dresses in the High Street bridal shops come from China (fact) so it needn't be any different ordering one from a shop or direct from the factory via eBay, just be careful who you buy from.  I contacted asapbay directly and sent a photo of the dress my daughter wanted as we couldn't see it listed anywhere.  In about four weeks the dress arrived and was absolutely beautiful, a perfect fit, quality fabric and well made.  It was too long, my fault as I over-estimated, just in case!  I needn't have worried as the dress was wonderful and my daughter is delighted, not least as it saved us about £800 on the High Street price! 

I would say do what we did, research your seller, consider carefully the feedback, in our case asapbay had sold 285 dresses this year alone with not one single bad comment.  I found reviews on here recommending them so that's how I made my choice, unfortunately some other good reviewers had omitted to say where they bought their wonderful dresses from so those reviews weren't much help!  Have a look at asapbay's listings, they are carefully worded with good English and they even have a video of the workers in the factory, they state that they only use quality fabrics and take care to say you may need minor alterations which is good advice.  See their own website  Some of the chinese sellers give little information and the English is very poor so avoid them.  

Good yourself a fortune and order your dress from asapbay!

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