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I must admit I had a bit of a laugh reading the comments about these guitars.

Come on, look at the prices & the evidence!  To anyone believing these guitars to be the genuine article, stay at home, stay away from any shops, let somebody look after your money & credit cards & stay away from Ebay!  THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY FAKES!!!!

Having said that I've bought tons of the Gibson Les Paul's & would like to make the following points.

  • I've never been ripped off by these people, items arrive quickly, well packed & usually contain a free trinket.
  • The quality is out standing, especially for the price.
  • They're more honest & like the real thing than any Epiphone I've ever owned.....many!  Sorry Epiphone users but you are being ripped off & your guitar is really worth about £150 new!
  • I sell loads of these guitars, as fakes, to many people that can't afford the outrageous price of the genuine article.... thus making their dreams come true, as most people don't realise they're fake until you tell them, unless they're a bit of an anorak!
  • I even sell them to gobsmaked Gibson owners, that don't want their expensive investment getting damaged.
  • I use these guitars myself daily, for gigs & recording sessions, because they're that good, better than some of my vastly more expensive guitars fitted with hot custom parts, the amount of times I've heard, woh nice Gibson.
  • Why believe me, 13 years Studio Manager, Sound Engineer, Musician live & recording, guitar tech & repairer....still doing all the above.
  • On a seperate point, cleverly these people have found away round Ebays fees, making most of their money through the postage.  Good luck to 'em, after all we end up paying Ebay twice, selling fees & PayPal charges, Ebay is after all owned by PayPal .....no wonder Ebay doesn't approve, someone scamming their own little scam?

Remember, if somethings really cheap something some where is wrong.  Remember also, just because something is really expensive doesn't mean it's actually worth the price tag!

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