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Crystals can be used for 'healing' and meditation. You may be able to instinctively choose the crystal that will benefit you or your condition. It is often asked 'do you choose the crystal? or does the crystal choose you?' In my experience I have found that it is the crystal which chooses you. Crystal healers develop the ability to amplify the healing energy that they channel, through using crystals. They can also tune in to the crystal that has the right vibration to be of the most benefit to their clients. Crystals produce amplification of the energy in the 'field' in which they reside. This can help to cancel the effects of harmful radiation. Worn or carried they are a physical & mental energizer; they enhance and protect the aura & amplify the energy field. Kept under the pillow, they give wisdom & clarity (take care: - used in this way they can be very powerful) and can respond to the moon especially a full moon!) Used in meditation crystals slow down brain waves and help to reach deeper levels.
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