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The whole point of entraining (re-synchronising) our brainwaves to particular beats & frequencies is to correct behaviors that have been causing us a multitude of problems - especially where one type of brainwave has been dominating another (depression, tiredness, hyperactivity etc.) A healthy balance sometimes needs to be achieved between the different functions of our brain.

Most of us know that taking anti-depressants releases the 'feel good' chemical serotonin. However, intensive research directed toward the root cause of depression and the lack of serotonin has discovered an imbalance in the way the left and right sides of the depressed subjects brains work, resulting in this lack of serotonin with a lack of beta activity and an excess of alpha and theta - making the person sluggish, tired, apathetic, unfocussed and for all intents and purposes, like they were sleepwalking!

Brainwave entrainment attempts to redress this balance and has been showing extremely high positive results - and it can only get better!

Our sessions are developed to target specific problems but often show positive results in other areas too.

Naturally there are no guarantees, as with conventional medication it isn't ever easy to find a cure all for an emotional problem as we are all so unique and many factors come into play. So it is important to experiment with the different sessions, dedicate a little time and effort into finding the solution just for you - which is a win win situation as doing so also gives you a regular & therapeutic break from both the hum drum & chaos of life that we should all allow ourselves, however busy!

We will be adding all sorts of variants for you to try as we are determined to find a relief for the often crippling conditions some people have to face. And lets face it, most of us could do with a few minor adjustments these days - Do you rest, relax and sleep at the right times and more importantly - EFFECTIVELY?

Could you be more alert in the mornings, during the day? does your energy soon ebb, do you lose focus and accuracy in your work? Do you suffer from a lack of motivation or creative inspiration? Is your memory shocking? Are you stressed to the max? Angry and cynical? Are you ever frustrated by your mind's determination to sabotage every good idea and situation and make it fail?

You see it really is a two way thing, magic wands don't work in my experience! You cannot repair, heal, optimize and heighten positive mental states of mind & develop a healthy sleep pattern, thereby feeling happier, healthier and more able to cope during the day if you put no personal effort in!

Time to heal, rest and repair HAS to be put onto your list of HIGH priorities. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot organise your time to include entrainment, all you need is an mp3 player with earphones, a chair and half an hour spare here and there!

And an even better incentive, it is reported that once reprogrammed, the brain continues with this healthier pattern as it's normal behavior, thereby producing a cure for life!!

The frequencies we use in our brains are as follows with a short description of what their function is:

Beta - active when we are busy and are paying attention to everything around us, focused, productive, highly alert (in excess - also possibly stressed)

Alpha - Active when we take a break and rest, still attentive but in a state of relaxation. A very deep state of relaxation can be achieved in Alpha frequency - much like Tibetan Monks who dedicate their lives to this 'Alpha' state of mind!

Theta - Active when we begin to drift away, daydream, dream (REM) lucid dream, lose focus and attention, trance like

Delta - Follows Theta and active when we fall into deep dreamless sleep (Very Healing)

Gamma - Recently discovered as the brainwave that takes us to a higher consciousness - Practitioners of Spiritual and paranormal activities often tap into this source!

Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats Technology induces certain states of mind by playing different frequencies and pulses - through each ear of a headphone - to create a frequency we wouldn't normally be able to hear...

(Entrainment sessions now available without the need for headphones!)

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY producing a pattern that after about six minutes our brain naturally begins to synchronize with - this is called Entrainment. (Think about the power of music - how it affects our mood - Trance Music, Dance Music, Opera, Classical etc etc..)

The usually inaudible frequencies used in Binaural Beats are the ones that can quickly help induce states such as deep relaxation, clarity of mind and enhanced memory and focus. Listening to the frequencies slowly entrains our mind to synchronize with them, thus entering the desired state or relaxation, awareness and clarity, sleep etc.

We often use natural sounds as well as music to complement our sessions - such as weather and nature, which are highly regarded by alternative healing practices. Trials are proving that the sounds of nature - that we are often deprived of - can relax, comfort and calm us. Can enable us to properly rest and refresh our minds! Has even been prescribed to heal depression and anxiety and a effective aid for Insomnia

For those who like to experiment a little there will be sessions designed specifically to help you achieve higher states of consciousness and journey the limitless realms of your mind capabilities and what may be beyond!

At RELAXmp3 we use every possible source to help you achieve a happier, healthier & fuller life and we will continue to provide you with state of the art audio therapies, entertainment and technologies!


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