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There are a few different reasons why people buy artsork. the first one i will address is ' FOR PLEASURE'

It doesnt matter about the size too much but the most important thing to consider is LASTING INTRIGUE
A good Orgiinal can be costly so it is an investment. As with any investment you need to make sure you get good returns. In an aesthetic sense be aware that you want to return time and time again to the peice and get as much enjoyment out of it as the very first time you saw it.
You will develop a relationship with it that will grow over the years and you will come to know every tiny details that you love.

INTRIGUE can be aroused by the artist in a number of ways. Here are a few.
Depth of field.: as in a photograph means the reach of the lense or in this case the bush will take your eye far back into the distance.
Texture: Therer is nothing more delightful than wonderfing how the artist  could get the feathers or the clouds to look so soft or the rocks to look so solid. Texture is a major plus.

Thats it for now kids. off for a bite of lunch. I will rave more on the subject at another time. Let me know your experiences with buying, success and failures. I would love to hear.
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