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A CDBook in plain simple terms is a book which is on a CD.

But if you wish to read on it gets a bit more into the nitty gritty of what a CDBook is.

Imagine: You decide to bake today. You get your recipie book out and spill coffee all over the page you are reading. Now you have to carefully clean and dry the book.
Now imagine you have a recipie book on a CD. You can print off the page that you want and if you spill anything on it you can reprint it over and over again, pass it on to someone else. But in the end the master CDBook is still in your computer ready to use over and over again.

Now this can be put to many uses like printing sections of a book for work, school etc. It all depends on the content of the book as well, from recipies like above to Egyptology. Print a certain photo from the disc or anything else. It's upto you in the end of what you want the book for.

Most CDBooks are made up of out of print or out of copyright books and articles. Some are done like this to get an idea out to the wider public. Others can be a book where the author has signed over the rights to his original manuscript etc. It is also a cheaper way than getting a book published, you can be author, editor and publisher all in one easy step.

One slight problem with CDBooks is that some computers are not set up to unzip the files that may be on the disc. The simple way to overcome this is to down load a simple unzipper like Winzip which is free. This also goes for PDF files as well and again this is easily sorted by downloading a free copy of Adobe. Both these products are compatible with Mac computers as well as Windows and Linux ones.

The concept of CDbook is protected by copyright number 90700123
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