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What is spoof?

Spoof emails are made to appear as though they have originated from a
trustworthy source such as eBay, PayPal, banks or other companies. They
aim to obtain sensitive data such as passwords or financial information
for fraudulent use. Spoofing is also known as "phishing", and it is an
attempt to steal your identity.

A spoof email usually asks you to click on a link in the email, which
then directs you to a spoof website. The website is also designed to
impersonate the company in question and collect personal information
such as User IDs, passwords or credit card information. Sometime spoof
emails request that you enter your personal information directly into
the email.

If you are in doubt about an email you receive in the future, check your
eBay account. Most emails from eBay will appear in the My Messages
section of your My eBay. The safest way to access your eBay account and
messages is to sign in directly via the eBay homepage. To do this, go to
the eBay homepage and then click on "Sign in" or "My eBay". If you
remain suspicious about an email, please forward it to us at this
address (spoof@ebay.co.uk).

What should you do now?

If you have entered your password or other information onto a fraudulent
website or into a spoof email, you need to take immediate action to
protect your identity. For information on the measures we recommend,
please visit our Help pages by copying the following link into a new
browser window: (remember to add the www)


We encourage you to take some time to read the information available in
our Safety Centre about protecting your eBay account and buying and
selling safely on eBay. To visit the Safety Centre, click on the "Safety
Centre" link at the bottom of most eBay pages.

What is eBay doing about spoof?

We are dedicated to making eBay a safe place to buy and sell and we take
the issue of spoof and phishing very seriously indeed. Both eBay and
PayPal work closely with internet providers, police and other law
enforcement agencies around the world to investigate reports of spoof
emails and websites. Whenever possible, we assist in the prosecution of
people involved in phishing activities.

eBay has joined the Government, banks and other household names in an
initiative called "Get Safe Online" to offer information and tips on
online security. To visit the Get Safe Online website, please copy the
following link into a new browser window: (remember to add the www)  getsafeonline.org

How can you contact eBay Customer Support?

We are committed to answering your questions as quickly and accurately
as possible. For this reason, this email has been sent to you as part of
an automated process. Please do not reply to this email as you will not
receive a response.

If you have other queries or you need assistance with your eBay account,
please use our Help system by clicking on the "Help" button at the top
of any eBay page. From there you can click on "Contact Us" to send an
email to eBay Customer Support.

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