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Ive been looking at autobiographys and alot are autographed/signed by the subject of the book wow this will look really good on the bookcase/coffee table BUT on contacting the sellers they have no evidence if it is genuine , regardless of this the books are selling for much more than a copy of the book that is not signed ?

Why ? without proof the autograph could have been written by the seller , there mate ,infact anyone who can use a pen .

So is it really worth another £10 or more ?

I own several ltd edition prints signed by the artist and subject all have coa (certificate of authenticity ) with them so i no they are worth the extra ££££s. And hopefully will sell for a good price if i decide to sell them at a later date.

I also have lots of photos taken by my wife signed by the subject but no coa they look good on the wall but have a resale value of the photos value as there is no proof of them been genuine.Unless i can find someone prepared to risk my word

BEWARE !!! autographs without proof have no resale value to a true collector so spend your hard earned cash wisely genuine items are an investment no proof could be a FAKE is it worth the extra money i think not . DO YOU ?


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