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Pre- printed photographs are not autographs as they are are only copies.

What are they worth? The cost of the paper and ink thats all.

As a genuine autograph dealer I would say that. But the choice is obviously with the purchaser.

Do you the public wish to own a genuine in person signed item. This has been handled and signed by the celebrity in question. This may has an excellent chance of increasing in value as the years go by. Or do you wish to spend your hard earned money on a worthless piece of junk? Your choice of course.

Real autographs sellers spend hours, days and weeks meeting the celebrities paying for the autographs at organised signing sessions. Or waiting at stage doors and training grounds on the off chance we may be lucky enough to obtain a signature.

Most of you are salaried, if autographs dealers were paid by the hour the real cost of each item would be hundreds of pounds each. Values are based on originality and the rarity of the signature.

Just watch when a celebrity passes away, out come the copiers churning out thousands of pre-pre-prints. Such a shame they are ruining the collecting of autographs hobby.

The sellers of such items are quite entitled to sit at a computer and print off endless worthless items, the result the public are being conned. Many of these sellers are reporting them to be genuine. Hold up to the light can you see the ink. In the case of ballpoint pen can you see any pressure applied to the paper. Do not be scared to ask !

Morally and ethically are the public getting a good deal ? So why buy one ?


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