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OK. So your stuff didn't sell on ebay, huh? 

No problem.

Let's look here at why that might have been so that next time you will have more success.

1. Was my stuff sellable?

To sell something on e bay it has to be legal, desirable, clean, well presented, clearly described and attractively priced?

So, be truthful with youself...was your stuff all these???

2. Breaking it down...was it legal?

You will probably be aware of e bays tight rules on advertising illegal stuff - if not, read up on what will get your ad kicked out quicker than a drunk at a Quaker meeting hall.

3. Was it desirable?

I mean, did it have that 'Oh, I've just got to have that!' quality about it? If not, was the presentation / photo/ description up to scratch? (I have seen countless ads from people who fail to realise they can lighten / darken / enhance / crop / rotate / their photos on here FOR FREE yet they FAIL to do so!) You pay ebay enough for the service, so why not IMPROVE your photos where you can!  Personally I find here in the UK, the light levels ARE DREADFUL. So I  use a flash photo indoors in a well lit area, load pics onto 'My Pictures' and import into my e bay ad... THEN... correct them by clicking TWICE on the brighen button and ONCE on the contrast. EtVoila! Great looking photos without fartin' about with Photoshop!  Try it for yourself and see how much sharper and brighter your items appear.

4.  Was it clean?

It should go without saying that folks want to buy CLEAN stuff. However 'shabby chic', 'natural', 'original' or 'unspoilt' your item is, no one is going to appreciate you kid's grubby little paw marks over their treasured new aquisition, or some cobwebs lingering from decades of barn storage. Clean up and get real! Sell as you would like to buy! As long as you don't risk ruining your item in the process, clean and polish for a more successful sale.


5.  Was it well presented?

Your photo is your shop window!  Basically it's EVERYTHING!!!  Make sure photos are working for you, and not for ebay! Remember - tails they win, heads you lose! Don't give ebay any more dosh than necessary by selling your item in one hit!  Remember, featuring more than one photo and you are paying through the nose.  So, be doubley sure you are getting good value.  Be critical.  Ask yourself  'Could I have got any better shots of this item?'.  'Does the photo do this item justice?'  Sometimes all the jiggery pokery in the world won't make a bad pic good. Better, perhaps, to wait for a sunny day to take a better picture. If it's a high price item, even consider getting in a pro. Get the best angles. Be truthful, but not THAT truthful, with your choice of shots. Buyers like to see the flaws but they need to be sold the fantasy too. Therefore, style your shots to sell a lifestle and not just a great product. Take care of the backgrounds, the surroundings, the lighting, the angles, the detail. Folks are looking for a desirable product...so make what you're selling looks desirable, even irisistable, in your photos. Save money by offering to send more shots of the item to folks who e mail you.


6. Was it clearly described?

On this matter, it might be best to take a note of how other people describe their sutff. Remember, you can always cut and paste someone else's description if it fits your purposes.  I have found that including a manufacturer's website is reassuring to would-be buyers, who can then check to see what great value you're offering.  A basic grasp of English is a good starting point (e.g. I have recently read a desciption of ten lines with NO FULL STOPS which was VERY TEDIOUS!!) . You should include, of course relevent details, such as brand, colour, condition, dimensions, size, special features etc. but if you want to make it more personal, you can.  Sometimes a jokey ad is warming and fun and more likely to attract buyers to low cost items. Too little info is a turn off but so is too much, so balance it just right.  Invite folks to contact you with questions.


7. Was my stuff attractively priced?


Take a look on 'complete listings' (on the advanced search page), and see what stuff like yours has recently sold for. That's a very useful site.  Were you expecting too much? Did you price your stuff too high? Was your sutff inferior to similar stuff that sold?  Was there an off-putting reserve price? Was the p&p price off-putting topeople?  Did you give people a buy now option, which is always worth considering, for a quick sale? Do you have an unrealistic idea of what your stuff is worth...(remember it's only worth what you can get for it!) ?  Maybe you should try next time with a lower start price and no reserve price and let market forces set the pace.  Do remember though, that if your item ends at 4 in the morning you will be less likely to get a high price than if it ended at say 11 am.


  If you REALLY want to sell your stuff, put it on auction at a ridiculously low start price with no reserve, with lots of payment options at a reasonable time of day, with buy now option, good postal rates, a 'collect in person option'  and with a good honest description and clear photos.

  With this sort of ad you will not go wrong!!!.


P.S. Vote vote vote YES for this guide to push my ratings up PLEASE!!!

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