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Despite being introduced for more than five years ago some people are still hesitant about the buy Blu-ray DVD player option. Most of these people are simply comfortable with the old DVD players that they already have at home. Whether people like it or not, the days of DVD players and discs are numbered as more and more media sources start to push people towards HD content.

 There are plenty of reasons why people need to go out there and get themselves a player that’ll play Blu-rays. Below are general discussions on what Blu-ray is and why people need to get it.

 Blu-ray, sometimes referred to by the industry as Blu-ray Disc, is the name given to the latest optical disc format. Blu-ray is an amazing format that offers users a lot of storage space. This tremendous storage space gives ample room for high definition media or just storing huge amounts of data. The movies stored in Blu-ray Discs have a maximum video resolution of 1080p.

 A single layer Blu-ray disc has the capacity to hold 25GB of data while a dual layer will hold 50GB of data. Blu-ray has been developed to be a long term storage media solution as the design allows several more layers. Theoretically this very design feature allows the Blu-ray disc to store 100GB to 128GB of data.

 Why is it Called Blu-ray?

 The name Blu-ray was coined as a result of the technology used in the development of the disc. The technology used for reading and writing data off of a Blu-ray Disc is a blue-violet laser. Most people assume that the spelling of Blu-ray is a mistake, when in fact it was spelled in that manner in order for the developers to trademark the name.

 Is Blu-ray Going to Replace DVD?

 A lot of electronics manufacturers are making new models of the Blu-ray DVD player expecting the format to completely replace DVD sometime in the future. The format has received a massive amount of support from the major movie studios. Eight out of the eight major movie studios that operate in [Hollywood support this format.

Why Makes the Upgrade?

 The most compelling argument for making the switch to buy Blu-ray is that it will inevitably replace DVDs as the storage format of choice. As prices of Blu-ray continue to go down, the price to performance ratio difference between DVDs and Blu-ray Discs will only continue to widen to the benefit of the latter.

 Barring the attachment of some computer or internet device and TV broadcasting, Blu-ray Discs represent the only way that people can view High Definition content on the HDTV. Those who want to make the most out of their HDTV will want to buy Blu-ray player so they can watch High Definition content.

 Are Blu-ray Players Capable of Playing DVDs?

 The short answer is yes. A lot of electronics companies such as Philips, Sony, and Samsung have all manufactured products capable of playing both formats. A Blu-ray DVD player is an excellent option that bridges the gap between the two formats.
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