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Intermediate Shaft
By the time an engine needs a new oil pump it has considerable wear. The cylinder wall, rings, cam and lifters etc. all wear. The material worn off goes to the oil pan where some is washed out at oil change time, but a portion goes through the oil pump to the filter. Pushing grit through the pump puts an additional load on the oil pump intermediate shaft. In time the deformation of the intermediate shaft can become severe enough to cause slippage and engine failure. Replacement is inexpensive insurance.
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IS 22F Intermediate Shaft
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The oil pump pickup screen smooth's the flow of oil into the pump; it usually keeps out debris that can lock up the pump. The pickup screen is the only part in an engine that assists the pump in its function. All other engine parts depend on the oil pump to assist them.

If we could take a screen apart, it would be easy to clean. Unfortunately, we can't. Therefore, it is impossible to clean it completely. Any debris left inside has the potential of locking up the pump.

Close examination of a used screen assembly after attempts to clean it may reveal a dark brown stain, which is usually a varnish type coating. The most common screen mesh has a .040'' square hole between the wires. Oil flow is directly proportional to the area of the hole. If the varnish coating is .0051 thick, our square hole is down to .0301 on a side. This is a 25% reduction on a side, and a 44% reduction in the total area and flow (.040'') 2 – (.030'') 2 / (.040'') 2 = 43.75%

The second statement references, '' usually keeps out debris''. There are two styles of screens that allow debris to enter an oil pump. The first has a valve in the center that opens if the oil is too thick or if the screen is restricted. The second type has eight gaps approximately 3/161 x ½ '' which allows oil to flow if the mesh will not.

Oil pump screens should always be replaced. There is not a more economical way to reduce oil pump and engine failure from ingested foreign material.
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22 F-S Oil Pump Screen
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