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It may be not for me to say but we have all seen it too often, something put on Ebay with a starting price of next to nothing to attract a bid on an item which clearly has a high value, we have wondered how on earth can a person place a item for sale on the assumption that they will get a good price for it when it sells, well i guess when you bid you will soon find out, i have bid on what appears to be a absolute bargain with no bids, it is when this has happened the fun begins, the item may not have any bids on it, it may be only a few days left to run before finishing, but your bid has not gone unoticed, you will find a bidder has just been waiting for you to bid, then you receive a message to say you have been out bid, you check the auction and find you are now the current winning bidder as the person who outbid you has retracted their bid, this method is used by conieving sellers who want to now how much you bid, they will then use a alias or a mate to bid up to just short of your bid so you remain the winning bidder. ( this has happened to us a few times ) also on our auctions by other buyers. A bit of long hour detective work comes into play then checking for ghost names and buying patterns.

 We have actually tracked a paper note which had a serial number on, it was offered on auction and the price was pushed up by 4 buyers, 3 of them were the seller. This item was eventually won by the seller and re appeared on another auction by the ghost name. He is now a unregistered user. The other thing you may of noticed is the recent and more often usage of Bidder 1, bidder 2, bidder 3 etc , why on earth is a seller worried about who is bidding on their auctions to have this in place, there can only be one reason, bidder 1, or 2, or 3 is a ghost address used by the seller to push up the prices and can only be described as such, there is no other reason for this. I rently saw a item offered for 87p on the auction, bidder 1 was the current high bidder, the item was worth far more than this but this lays in play what is about to happen when extra bids come into play, the seller can push up the price . Obviously it wouldnt be wise to advertise the same person bidding on all the sellers auctions as this would be too obvious, so my message is avoid these type of sellers if you have doubt, i am sure you can get a better bargain elsewhere as you can see the other buyers and will know with a bit of detective work whether they a shill bidders.Use your own judgement but be aware of the points mentioned, since writing this review ebay has enforced this policy however now look for the private feedbacks ! do they have something to hide ?

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