WW1 Medal Price Guide for first time buyers.

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Don't get ripped off!!!
I have to write this review as a medal collector I think it is outrageous how much people are asking for WW1 medals in this last year. The asking price on most medals has doubled on some even tripled, If you want to buy medals at a reasonable price DONT buy them on eBay the price has rocketed over the last months due to the 100th year anniversary of the Great war. Service medals of the Great war are normally sold for between £9.00-£14.00 but lately they are asking £19.00-£25.00? this is totally & morally wrong, if you wish to buy medals then please look on Google for a repeatable medal dealer & you will find them at half the price some people are asking on here for the same medal. Some medals are worth more than other if the service number is small or a low number then this will put up the price, but just because the anniversary is coming up & you wish to buy a medal that's good & shows your patriotism but don't be taken for a fool & pay way to much & the medal you buy you will have to wait another 100 years before its worth what you paid for it on here!!!! I hope this helps some of you who are just starting out collecting or just want one because of its history! Thank you all & don't pay over the odds!

WW1 medal

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