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Hi All,

I thought i would write a rough guide to purchasing rare WWF DVD's, As you all probably have noticed on ebay dvds that are pre wwe era can fetch quite a bit of cash, especially when you consider that it is a dvd disk and case you are buying which litteraly mass produce at pennys, however i have noticed a vast ammount of listings offering rare WWF dvd's they are stating in the title they are RARE.  However i want you to take notice as there are a few sellers displaying pictures of actual WWF DVD's when infact they are not offering that, they are simply offering WWE re-releases which seem to fetch a WWF Original guide price.  They are simply purchasing an anthology boxset or a tagged classics and breaking them up and selling them on to YOU guys at a large profit for instance wrestlemania anthology 12 - 17 costs £39.99 with free postage and packaging from many online stores. the seller then breaks that down to 5 dvds and lists them as rare, now WWF as it was known during this period never released WWF Dvds up untill Wrestlemania 15, and i have noticed Wrestlemania 15, 16 and 17 fetching in the regions of £20 each and up now if a seller is selling them at this cost that is a total of £60 pounds plus what ever they charge for Postage and Packaging then that leaves wrestlemania 12, 13 and 14 which lets say sell at £10 - £15 pounds each that is a potential over all sellers cost of £105.00 for a boxset that costs a mere £39.99 now they are not doing anything illegal here as they have a small print stating please note this is a wwe silvervision release which indeed it is, then i pose the question why state in the listing Rare when clearly none of these items are rare as they are mass produced re-releases that are avalible from all most any stocker of wwe merchandise, now if you arent angry now you will be when you hear this part.  I have noticed that a few sellers that are clearly breaking down a boxset are then selling the empty box and listing it under DVD's now this isnt a dvd and shouldnt be listed as one, as many of us have been caught up in the spur of the moment and bid without reading the small print of the listing that states please note this is an empty box, so not only are you purchasing re-releases from these guys you are not getting any boxs with them and then they have the cheek to sell the empty box, beats me but i strongly suggest you all READ the whole listing for the items as there isnt much you can do when you recieve the item as they havent broken any of ebays policys as they have clearly stated all be it in small print that it is a re-release, the reason i write this is i just noticed Wrestlemania 17 - wwe version With the all decieving picture of the Rare wrestlemania cover selling for £34 pounds, i mean come on you can buy the entire boxset for an extra £6 pounds as well as have free postage and the display box.

I hope after reading this guide/warning that no one else falls into the trap that so many have before and that is not understanding or reading the listing correctly, and being sorley dissapointed with there DVD arrives.

With that being said

Happy Ebaying

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