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 (FTD) fishing tackle direct


First thing is first and there are not many fishing tackle sellers on ebay that place a starting bid on a 13 foot full carbon match rod with a 99p start price.More often than not  OAKVIEW41 (FTD) do.. this item sells between 99p and £40 and it performs better than many match rods on the market at present that would cost you over £120,the rod is superbly finished in a grahite/purple colour with complementing whips to the 14 ceramic lined guides.Performance wise the FTD 390 match rod is a outstanding peice of kit,most match rods these days are designed for the commercial fishery,i am not saying that this is not,it is a great bit of kit for this type of fishing and you would struggle to find a better rod to do the job.The FTD 390 is a superb all round waggler rod,it easily chucks out a 3 swan waggler 65 yards over the welland at 4 mile barr and i have had over 40lb of bream on this method. fished with a main line af 2.6lb and a hook length of 2lb on a size 18 kamasan b220 The pick up on strike to hitting the fish IS OUTSTANDING i can compare it to that of fishing with a SHAKESPEARE MATCH 2 BORON (the best rod ever made).Stick float fishing on the deeping stretch of the welland was outstanding on this rod,loaded with my old but faithful mitchell match,along with bayer 2.6lb main line and 1.3/4lb hook length this rod perfomed faultless.7 Chub and 3 roach for a total of 28.9lb.

Summary ... A superb rod for less than £40.00

Now lets try and find a fault with the 11 foot feeder rod that comes with 1 glass tip and 2 carbon tips,i bought this item for a prize in  our junior angling club.As it happened my boy won the match.So i soon had the chance to try this rod out.Being a local Welland man,i decided to borrow the rod (nic it) and try it out.The rod says on the butt casting weight 8-20 grm,Well i can tell you that i tried a drennan 25 grm open feeder stuffed full of the old fashioned  brown crumb,hemp,casters and the odd maggie,if you have not ever fished the welland it is along the majority of its length between the Run up section (Deeping high bank) and running into the Spalding yacht club area of the river.Depth varies fom 5 foot upto 13 foot and the average width is 38 yrd and runs at a slow pace duringsummer and a mid to slow pace in winter (average).I tried the FTD 11 foot feeder rod fitted with thecarbon tip at Spalding yacht club the wellands deepest point,but not the widest (30 yards with no boats present,25 with) on this ocassion there were no boats and not many fish about,but the rod chucked out a Drenna 25grm filled with as mensioned above over  40 casts in 5 hrs.Resulting in 1 chub of 4lb and over 14lb of Perch (9 perch).The rod casts well above its addvisory weight and has a soft forgiving action,which i would say would perform well in a commercial fishery as long as you are not catching  double figure fish all day long.


A great FEN ROD chucks out loads of stuff all day long.Will land 100lb of chub,bream or roach every day. (if you can find the fish)

Commercial wise this rod would perform well catching carp between 1lb and 4lb all day long,but i am not sure whether or not it has the power to.. lets say handle a fishery that holds lots of fish over the double figure mark.

3 tips.. SUPERB for wide and slow moving rivers including the Welland,Witham ,Nene, Glen and a most mid width drains in the fens.(not suitable for the Trent,Severn and such like)

OAKVIEW41...a superb ebayer










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