Wall Sticker FAQ

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What are our wall stickers made from?

Our Wall Stickers are made from self-adhesive matt vinyl.

How long will my Wall Sticker last?

The vinyl manufacturer guarantees five years. If used indoors (without
exposure to rain or sun), they can last much longer.

Can I wash Wall Stickers and if so, how?

Yes, our Wall Stickers can be wiped with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals.

Can I remove wall stickers without damaging my wall or paintwork?

Yes, dependent on the paint used underneath the sticker.  But usually
there is no damage, even after a few years.

Are Wall Stickers better than paint stencils?

Yes, they are!

1. They are much easier, quicker and less messy to
apply.  Depending on the size of the sticker, application takes 5-25
2. Applying Wall Stickers is very easy and everyone can
do it.

3. They look much better and because they are made from vinyl
can be cleaned very easily without damaging the sticker.

4. Wall
Stickers are very easy to remove.  If you want to change the look of
your room, you can simply peel off your existing Wall Sticker.


What type of container/packaging will my Wall Sticker arrive in and is
there the possibility of it being damaged en route?

Wall Stickers are delivered in a strong, parcel tube container. To
date, no cases of damaged tubes have been reported.

What factors determine the price of Wall Stickers?

Two factors affect the price of Wall Stickers: Size and level of
Stickers of the same size are usually similarly priced,
however, may vary depending on how complicated the design is.

If I order more than one Wall Sticker will they be sent together?

Yes. Where possible we will try to send everything together. However
for larger items we will use separate parcel tubes to avoid damage.
This will be sent as a separate item with a different tracking number.


Do you design for letters, shop windows and vehicles?

Yes, but we don’t provide installation. Please eBay message your requirements where we will be happy to provide
a quote.


Help! My design is damaged!!!?

As each item is made to order there could be some very minor imperfections. 99% of the time these can be resolved.

Each item is cut using our state of the art vinyl cutting machine. Then peeled by hand so only the design is visable. Due to the size of some designs rather than cut the design, it is folded for delivering. If the item arrives creased do not worry. It can be smoothed out when applied to a wall.

During the peeling process there could be minor marks from tape or glue from the vinyl. This can be removed when placed onto the wall using a damp cloth. If this doesn't remove the mark, try soapy water with 1 drop of washing up liquid.

Please note: As the item is made to order, by placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions, distance selling regulations and sales of goods act does not apply.
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