Walnut Sideboard Buying Guide

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Walnut Sideboard Buying Guide

Owning a walnut sideboard is the ideal solution for those looking for somewhere to display their most treasured decorative possessions. Acting for some as just extra storage space, for others, the walnut sideboard it is the perfect surface for displaying their ornaments, silverware, and China, without detracting from the aesthetic beauty of these items. Regardless of what the walnut sideboard is for, purchasing an item like this deserves due consideration.

Types of Walnut Sideboards

There are many different types of walnut sideboards, and they vary depending on their design, size, colour, and the era they were produced. The different types can be easily categorised into two main types, namely vintage and contemporary.

Vintage walnut sideboard

Ideal for those searching for an authentic antique. Such classic sideboards will be quite decorative and ornately designed, lending an air of elegance to a home. These items can be searched for via era or period.

Contemporary walnut sideboard

This type of walnut sideboard can be simple or decorative, depending on its construction and design. It can vary in its size. A modern walnut sideboard can comprise just of shelves or have a combination of shelves, cupboards and cellarets, just like a vintage walnut sideboard.

Design of a Walnut Sideboard

A typical walnut sideboard has a flat surface that is primarily used to hold dishes containing food. In addition, the sideboard will have a couple of cupboards, which are meant for storing napkins, cutlery, table mats or even wine decanters. There could be a cellaret as well to store wine bottles. While most walnut sideboards will have this design, there are some that may have just shelves; shelves and cupboards; or just cupboards. The design of walnut sideboards varies greatly, meaning that a sideboard can be chosen to suit any perosnal tastes. Based on the design of the sideboard, the depth and the width will also vary, which is another thing to be taken into account when checking out different designs of walnut sideboards.

Points to Consider When Buying a Walnut Sideboard

Before buying a walnut sideboard, there are some important points to be taken into consideration, as the decision to buy the walnut sideboard will depend on them.


Decide what purpose the walnut sideboard would serve. If it is meant to create additional storage space, then look for a sideboard that has cupboards to provide ample storage space. However, if the sideboard will be used to display ornaments and other valuables, it should have enough shelves for this purpose. Furthermore, the purpose also determines the size of the sideboard.


If the size of the walnut sideboard is too big, it may not fit in its new intended home, or it could look out of place in the room. On the other hand, a small sideboard could end up looking cluttered with too many displays. The size will be dependent on the sideboard's location.


Traditionally, a sideboard is kept in the dining room to make it easy to serve food, which is kept on the flat surface of the sideboard. However, modern sideboards can be kept in hallways, living room or even bedrooms. Therefore, decide on the location and then measure the space to ensure that the correct size is found.


A walnut sideboard can be stained or have its natural colour. If a stained walnut sideboard is prefered, the colour should be co-ordinated with the rest of the furniture in the room. When walnut wood is left natural, it can come in a variety of natural colours, such as black, white, and brown. A well-made walnut sideboard should have a satin-like finish to it.


The quality of the sideboard will depend on the type of walnut wood used. For this reason it may be prudent to study the various aspects of the sideboard, its different types and the varied uses.


The craftsmanship of the walnut sideboard should be of good quality. Usually, the quality of the sideboard will depend more on the craftsmanship than the choice of the wood, as walnut is a hard wood. If the craftsmanship is substandard, it would become very obvious with the look and finish of the walnut sideboard.

Buying a Walnut Sideboard

Being that the walnut sideboard is by no means a small purchase, it certainly pays off to enter into the transaction with full confidence that the sideboard is a secure investment. The key considerations here are outlined in the table below:


When buying a new sideboard, the condition will not matter, but when selecting a vintage walnut sideboard, the condition of the furniture should be carefully checked. It may be the case that a vintage walnut sideboard could be damaged in certain areas. If this is the case, think carefully about whether it will be feasible and possible to repair the damage without incurring too much cost.

Ask questions

Always ask the seller questions on how the walnut sideboard will be shipped and what measures are taken to protect it during shipment. Remember to get any doubts clarified before handing over any money; the final purchase should be made with total clarity and utmost satisfaction. Details pertaining to warranty should also be ascertained before the funds exchange hands. This will ensure that no misunderstandings take place post sale. Asking relevant questions is of great importance when buying a vintage walnut sideboard.

Vintage or replica

The sideboard must be carefully examined. If intending to purchase the sideboard online, look at the photographs carefully. A seller may be selling a reproduction as a vintage piece, meaning that thorough checking of the item on sale is crucial

How to Buy a Walnut Sideboard on eBay

eBay offers a convenient place to buy walnut sideboards. In fact, the website has sellers that sell sideboards from all eras, and of any design and style. This makes finding the desired sideboard a piece of cake. Searching for a seller on eBay is rather easy. One of the quickest routes is to enter the term ‘walnut sideboard’ into the search box and this will give a list of all the walnut sideboards that are currently on sale on eBay. The list will include new, vintage, and used sideboards. So, to refine the search further, just explore the Advanced Search options and customise the hunt for the ideal sideboard from here. Alternatively, sideboards can be found under various category listings. Starting on the Home & Garden links is often fruitful, as from here it is just one click to the Furniture & Living pages. By using the Furniture link from the drop down list of selections, the search for sideboards can begin. Shipping a sideboard can be expensive. For this reason it makes sense to look for a seller who is located in the same city or region. This will reduce the cost of transporting the walnut sideboard and also give a chance to personally inspect the sideboard before finalising the deal. Furthermore, it is a good idea to check with sellers about their return policy to ensure that there is a money back option if, for some reason, the walnut sideboard is not what was wanted. If finding a suitable walnut sideboard from the list of sideboards seems to be impossible, it is always worthwhile getting in touch with the extremely helpful eBay community. Once the community have been alerted to the search, emails will start arriving in the inbox within no time with helpful information and hints to finding the best walnut sideboard.


Beautiful objects and lovely additions to any home, the two main types of sideboard provide plentiful selection for each individual's taste. Looking for vintage or contemporary walnut sideboards on sites like eBay is often a very fruitful enterprise.

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