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Some people think I must work for ebay or something. Why? I really promote their services and have nothing but good things to say about them. Well, the last bit's not true. I've expressed my feelings on certain topics in other forums, but I'm not about to air them here! "time and place and all that".

So, what am I shouting about at the moment.

Get An eBay Store

If you want to take selling on eBay seriously and what repeat business, you simply must get your own eBay store. Once you've read this article, click on my store link and I'll confirm all of the benefits there. Did you notice one of the things I said there? REPEAT BUSINESS.

At the time of writing I can confirm that I get around 7.9% of repeat custom through my  eBay store . Now don't get me wrong. The store isn't the only thing pulling people back. I'd like to think I offer some form of decent customer service too ;-)! But I truley believe that if your shop looks professional and you allow people to subscribe to your store listings they'll return.


This section of your store is paramount. You basically make sure that each of the items you're selling is placed in the correct category in your store. Let's face it. People are getting busier every day, and being honest, they're probably viewing your store on company time so that need to make quick and fast decisions. If you can aid in this process all the better for you.

Cheaper Listings Saves You £££££

Using the store format, you'll also be able to list your not so popular items within your store. Ebay charge you less in fees to position your products here. This gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors that find their ebay fees increasing as they add more products. No disrespect, but more fool them.

Categories Within Sales Page

This is a nice little ebay touch. For example, when someone clicks through to your auction, they're presented with your sales page. Now, as you scroll down you'll notice the category box on the left hand side of the listing. In essence, your client is literally one click away from viewing your other items in your store. This is a seriously powerful feature that is overlooked by many. Why do you think some people manage to sell more of a particular item than others?

If you're thinking of selling items on eBay and really making a go of it. I'll advise you to get youself an ebay store. Not only does this give you a competitive advantage, you can also drive traffic to your store and make reference to it since it has its own unique url (web address).

Hey, hope this helps?

To your success.

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