Want a Free Wii? Xbox 360? PS3? Easy Free Guide

Like if this guide is helpful

Hi would like to get a free Wii or Xbox 360 or PS3?

Simple follow this guide! I got my Wii in 3 weeks and am now working towards a PS3 (i'm halfway already!

Its 100% free so what do you have to lose?

Step 1) Choose your Free gift from the link below and Sign up! (ps I can't add a link but remove the * and replace them with dots!!

consoles * real-incentives * com/28720


Step 2) Click the complete an offer tab and select the LoveFilm FREE TRIAL. Sign up at LoveFilm using the same details as you used for step 1.

Step 3) Add 10 DVDs to you LoveFilm wanted List. LoveFilm then send you one of the DVDs. When you have recieved it go to LoveFilm and cancel your subscription. Watch the DVD (might as well its FREE!!) Send back the DVD and then your LoveFilm account is terminated without spending a penny!

Step 4) Tell your friends to do the same (thats how I got my Wii just by word of mouth!!) or make an ebay blog, or another hint is to advertise on facebook! really worked for me! I get about 3 people a day for 20 mins work!

Step5) within 3 weeks recieve a BRAND NEW FREE games console!!!


Give it a go today!! it takes 5 mins! what have you got to lose?

and problems or questions message me or email me   

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