Want it Now - be careful

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I have posted a few requests on Want It Now and have been really lucky to find what I want. But just want to tell new buyers (and Old) that in the last two days I have had a reply to one of my postings via the questions to say that the person replying to it has a problem with me that their paypal account has received money from my paypal account in error. They go on to say they don't want my money for nothing and to rectify the situation to click on the link contained in the email.  PLEASE DON'T click the link  just because it has "come from Ebay" as it has your email address , name and Ebay User Id displayed within it.  Only you can see these details the person sending  using the Want it Now advert doesn't have access to them as it is strictly anonymous. If your paypal account has mysterious paid hundreds of pounds into their account they would already have the details and the means to return it.  I have reported  to Ebay and Paypal .

Further to the above I have just received another email containing a link stating it will take me to view the ebay item again PLEASE DON'T click the link if they have the item listed on ebay once they have sent it via the Response button not the question one you will have all the details you need . If they send you the information through the question button just ask them for their user name and if legit they will tell you in the hope of making a sale rather than ask you to use a link. 

Since writing this guide I have placed 7 different Want It Nows only to have the same message and number contained within a link and terrible english posted as a question if the same thing happens to you please notify Ebay otherwise someone will be taken by this scam.

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